Monday, September 14, 2009


I got the video baaaaaackkkkk

For those who missed it Lil Mama (i know, you may be wondering, "who") decided it was a good idea to get on stage a the VMAs while Jay-Z (*sigh) and Alicia Keys performed Jay's song "Empire State of Mind." Did she seriously think this was a good idea though? The worst part is she posed at the end as if the whole thing had been planned! Well, her "great idea" turned out to be an epic fail when people started going IN on Twitter:

  • Lil Mama is calling Hot97 & Power105 as we speak 2explain. They have her on hold waiting 4 the mornin show - Via DJ Drama

  • Lil Mama is in the studio working on a Duet wit Kanye called "Run This Stage 2nite" - via DJ Clue

  • Lil Mama is Jay-Z's 100th problem - via Tameka Raymond

  • Lil I kno mtv 'feels' like home, & NY is ur 'hometown,' but THAT STAGE........not so much - via Keri Hilson

  • Lil Mama is at the door of JayZ's Vma party havin a hard time gettin in - via Fabolous

  • Lil Mama is Jay Z's secret son that he's been hiding - via radio personality Charlamagne

*sigh* When you got Usher's ex-wife goin in at you, you know you done made a mistake.


  1. One question....WHERE THE FUCK WAS SECURITY??? She ruined a great performance

  2. lilmama needs to stick to judging cause she doesnt belong on stage with the likes of Jay and A.Keys

  3. Wow....this was embarrassing to watch. Jay-Z looked like he just wanted to get away from her.

  4. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong. Haha

  5. When I saw her up on stage the only thing that came outta my mouth was WTF?!?! Then when I seen Jay-Z dismiss her and tell her she's "T-Painin" my eyes got HEAVY with embarassment for her...*sigh* HUGE EPIC FAIL...DUMMY!