Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All The Bloody Details...

Oh dear! Tiger's messy (this time literally) affair details continue to be exposed. This time Vanity Fair has a report from a diner waitress named Mindy Lawton, who met Tiger when she was serving up meals to him and his wife. Lawton not only says that she and Tiger went at it in his house but also that he doesn't care if...ummm Aunty around. Apparently one time Tiger called the diner and it was on and poppin....
They met up that night and ended up having sex at his house. She said he purred, “You have a perfect body.”
Lawton said she grabbed his penis. “Wow,” she said. “It was the biggest I’ve ever seen.” She said the superstar golfer was nonstop with his sexual demands. One time, they didn’t even make it into his house, she said. As they were entering through the garage, he made a grab for her near one of his golf carts, and they had sex on the spot, she said.
Another time, he insisted on meeting her right before a big golf tourney in 2007. “He wanted that last piece of booty before he could go to his tournament. To make him shoot better,” she said. They met in a parking lot. She said she told him she was having her period and asked if they could avoid intercourse. But Tiger would not be denied, Lawton said. She said they started going at it next to the golfer’s Cadillac SUV. “He told me to pull my underwear down and pull out my tampon, and we went at it with me pressed up against his Escalade,” she said. “He did it from the back.”

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