Thursday, April 8, 2010

RiRi Confirms Relationship with Matt

After all the "we're not together" nonsense, Rihanna confirmed today that she and Matt Kemp are indeed an item. The confirmation came on KIIS FM when host Ryan Seacrest asked her who Matt is to her. RiRi responded, “Umm, he’s my boyfriend.” She also added “It’s new, and it’s fun, and it’s nothing too serious, you know. I don’t want anything that’s going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way. I just want to have fun, and that’s what it’s about.”
Well isn't that just so sweet? What's that....oh the sound of Chris Brown crying into his pillow at night. (Too soon?)
P.S. In other RiRi news, Nicki Minaj has pulled out of Rihanna's "Last Girl On Earth" tour. LoL...over before it even began.

Source for first story: KIIS FM


  1. That's what Im talkin bout!!! Go head RiRi!!!

  2. LOL....still trying to play it off like it aint nothin. i see u Rihanna