Monday, July 19, 2010

Does This Even Matter?

So someone named Neil Grant must be sitting somewhere right now with a smug smile for releasing photos of Nicki Minaj from back in the day with a noticeably small backside than she posses today. it warranted? Think about it. This won't diminish her career, nor will it stop guys (and girls) from drooling over her body. So, in the end, Neil Grant didn't really accomplish anything by releasing these images except to look like a hater (kinda like that Keys chick, Gloria Velez and anyone else trying to get shine off of Ms. Minaj).
In the grand scheme of things, what does her ass have to do with her ability to spit rhymes anyways? AND who DOESNT have some kinda injections/surgery in the industry these days?


  1. You're right, these people trying to "expose" her are hustling backwards

  2. the pics have no value now...maybe when she FIRST started changing but merit! lol
    they are helping her keepin a buzz so if anything they are helping her stay relevant...very anti-hater really...LOL

  3. It means she has a fake ass. Thats all it means. Who cares about her lyrical ability (or lack there of).