Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pressure Gets to Soulja Boy

So, I'm going to bed last night when I catch the first of what would become about an hour worth of rants from rapper Soulja Boy. It seems the pressure of having a record deal and being in the public spotlight is getting to the 18-year-old. I managed to capture one image before I went to bed and caught the rest of the rant on my UberTwitter when I woke up this morning. Here goes ones of his first posts....

Aside from that Soulja Boy also went on to take some jabs at white people and much more. Here's a few more of his Tweets, which by the way are ALL gone this morning!

*Like why? My music dream was THE SHIT 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could imagine

*Then I got signed. This is where my dream slowly died...these crackaz wanna criticize a n*gga. take REAL SHIT and turn it to trash

*Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something I'm not. THESE CRACKERS DON'T KNOW WHO THE FUCK I REALLY AM!!!

*I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my shit and hate on me. Make me look ignorant to the media.

*It's all bullshit. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it's my dream? that shit died when crank that went #1


  1. I think it's sad that he had to CRY OUT like this so that people would really know how he feels......or wait, is this a lame publicity stunt? Or... will they say someone hacked his twitter... even though it a verified account??? Hmmmm...

  2. This guys talking like he had some significance in music or something?! This dude is a joke! its a shame he couldnt dream about being a GOOD artist

  3. I feel bad for him i dont think its a stunt, its called being human. Being racist isnt a clever stunt its sure to get u lost fans. I think he just wwas fed up hes 18 18yr old act like that especially boys real defiant just becoming men and tryna figure out who they are. he may not be as widely received as tupac biggie or jayz in terms of quality of music but he is trying and DOES appeal to a genre or else he wouldnt exist. People dont get how hard an artists job is and half the people that critisize them aren't even zeroz close to making what they do. So they must be doig something right.