Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CreamWorld Update

CreamWorld Readers and Supporters,

If you have followed the growth of CreamWorld magazine, you will know that since the publication was founded in 2007, it has made quite a splash on the Canadian (especially Toronto) magazine scene. CreamWorld prides itself on content that is critical, photos that are artistic, design that is innovative and a movement that is trendsetting. CreamWorld magazine also takes much pride in growth, change and a smart business structure. Hence the reason the magazine is currently undergoing a major restructuring, which will result in a more controlled business environment, as well as other important implementations.

This restructuring began shortly after we announced the release of an All-Canadian issue that would showcase up-and-coming Canadian talent, event coverage and other related content. As we have been focused on the business aspect of the magazine, we were forced to, unfortunately, put the All-Canadian issue on the back burner. However, we still plan to release the issue in a free, limited edition, online form. Because much of the content is not time sensitive, we currently don't have a solid release date. But please keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this special online release shortly.

In regards to the next in-store release of CreamWorld, that will occur on April 12, 2010. The magazine will once again appear in Chapters/ Indigo bookstores and at HDS newsstands. The issue will be loaded with celebrity interviews, arts and culture, fashion and many new features. These new features are intended to make the magazine more interactive. We look forward to bringing CreamWorld back from hiatus.


Izabela Szydlo
Editor-in-Chief, CreamWorld magazine


  1. It will be good to have you guys back on the stands

  2. Thanks for the update, I'll be looking out for it

  3. the blog will do until March 30!!! Looking forward!! :)