Monday, February 1, 2010

The Performances....Good, Bad, and Ugly

Aside from the videos, we have some photos to supplement the performances from last night. Lady GaGa kicked off the night with her peen on full display and a performance with Elton John. I actually really respected the fact that she took it back to her piano roots and did a mash-up of her and Elton's song.
*sigh* Pink...yes the performance was very cirque du soleil, but we're seen this before. She really does have the body of a little boy, eh? *shrugs* That is all I gotta say about that before I get attacked by Pink fans.
The Black Eyed Peas did their thing as well singing the drunk anthem of 2009 aka "I Gotta Feeling". Trust me, see what happens the next time you and your friends get drunk and that song comes on. Instant singing, guaranteed.
Lastly, this wasn't a performance but Michael Jackon's kids were brought on stage to accept an award on their father's behalf. I'm not sure how I felt about this. A part of me screamed, "Stop pimping those kids!" Another part of me was impressed by Prince's (Michael's eldest) composure as he spoke of his father. It was beautiful. BTW, those those Tweets sounding off about, "Those aren't his kids!" and all the rest of it, biological or not, he WAS their father. Sit down.

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