Monday, February 15, 2010

Lil Sammie Grows Up!

I know you remember Sammie, he was the little cutie we all awwww'd at when he came out with his song "I Like It" back in the day. Well, lil Sammie isn't little anymore. Dude is now 22-years-old and on his grown and sexy ish. Sammie shot a video for his song "Magic Show" over the weekend and here are some of the stills. His RP people released the following statement:
The VERY SEXY video shows the R&B crooner’s transition from child star with “I Like It” to young adult with “Magic Show” who knows what he wants – the ladies. In a light never seen before by the public, fans and those who weren’t until now will be interested in what Sammie has up his sleeves when the video releases later this week. looks like he's bout to step on some toes *ahem* Trey Songz toes *ahem*

Photos: Freddyo


  1. Homegirl must be a good actress. That is all.

  2. LMBAO at Hadi...was jus gonna say the same thing!

    ohhh sammie!!!!!