Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, CiCi We're All Paying Attention Now

Ciara was spotted around Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week. She was sporting this interesting dress and I know all of our eyes are going to the same place....smh. Why would you put targets on your lady parts and think it's cute? oooooh maybe it's one of those hypnotizing CiCi are you trying to put us under your spell or just let us know that you have breasts? SMH.


  1. Whatta stupid dress! LOL. She looks a fool but swears she looks good.

  2. Not crazy about the dress, loving the shoes though

  3. Looks like she'd fit right in with the Raptors dance pack, what cici U a cheer leader now or just drawing attention away from your penis ! NAW we ain't forgot.