Monday, June 14, 2010

Jay and Bey's Bonnaroo Weekend

This past weekend, Jay-Z and wifey Beyonce were spotted fooling around backstage with comedian Aziz Ansari at the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival across the pond. Jay performed a set and Beyonce was right there partying and having a good time. But apparently the pregnancy rumours are once again swirling (even though to me it looks like Beyonce has something in her cup other than fruit punch). Jay-Z was said to be very happy during the concert, leaving spectators to believe that he and Bey will make a big announcement soon. He kept saying he was having the best week ever. The media tent at the event was buzzing with folks talking about how happy he was and what was causing him to be so “amped”, however he was unavailable for interviews after the show. Maybe he was just feelin the vibes.

Another big event during Jay-Z's set was his him bringing out Kanye West during "Run This Town" for his verse. The audience went nuts and Mr. West is officially back in the building. Applaud him.

Jay-Z also brought a fan on stage and had the thousands of people sing Happy Birthday to her. Note to Jay-Z: The Editor-in-Chief of CreamWorld (aka Izabela aka ME) turns 25 next week. Just saying...haha.


  1. She looks like she's getting her drink on. I dont think she's preggers. But you never do know.

  2. I love how the media takes shit and runs wit it. THe man couldnt just be happy right? Hmmm let's see hie's a millionaire, married to a beauty and has a great career. But it just HAS to be pregnancy.