Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank Me Later Won't Reach Gold 1st Week?

According to projections by, Drake's album will not achieve Gold status in its 1st week. Here's how the magazine is reporting it:
The half-Jewish Toronto hip-hop star, who got his start in the teen TV cult hit Degrassi: The Next Generation, goes to the head of the class this week on his Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown debut, Thank Me Later, with first-week sales in the 450-475k range, making it a lock for #1.
Based on one-day sales reports from those retailers still blowing their own vuvezelas, that would be the third highest-total this year following Sade (501k) and Lady Antebellum (481k).

We'll be watching to see if the predictions are correct. Part of me is surprised but on the other hand, the album DID leak 2 weeks before release. Thoughts?