Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beyonce Chillin in London

Yesterday we reported that Jay and Bey were in Europe hanging out and that Beyonce seems to have gotten a lil bit thicker than ususal. Well, Beyonce's still chilling in London. She was spotted rocking a very cute black jumpsuit and hella high black and lucite heels. Bey even stopped to pose for a photo with a young fan. Of course, Julius was with her, minus the flashlights this time. Whomp whomp.
Also, a spokesperson for Beyonce has dismissed reports of bad blood between Beyonce and her father stating, "There is abosolutely no merit to this. This is absolutely false."


  1. She's always got this gorgeous chick!

  2. i heart thee...outfit is on POINT! (BUT WHEN ISN'T SHE???)