Monday, January 11, 2010

Canadian Beat Up by Lloyd Banks

Canada is in hip-hop news...yaaaay. For all the wrong reasons...boooo. It seems that G-Unit's LLoyd Banks is in police custody in Kitchener, ON for assault and robbery charges after an incident that occurred Friday night. Sergeant Brag Finucan of the Waterloo Regional Police's Criminal Investigations branch spoke with MTV and stated that Banks, real name Christoper Lloyd, had a verbal dispute with a promoter over receiving dividends for the performance along with a fee for his appearance.

According to reports, Banks and three other men assaulted road manager Chris Hines of Chris Hine/ Ultimate Entertainment and brutalized him to the point where he was hospitalized. Hines suffered some lacerations, although minor, along with a bruised eye and possible head trauma. Peep the video to hear the victim, Chris Hines, speaking on the incident.


  1. Damn he got his ass WHOOPED

  2. How is fucken Lloyd Banks still relevenat?? When is the last time he dropped an album?