Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jay-Z Speaks on Illuminati & Religion

Yesterday Mr. Shawn Corey Carter was on Angie Martinez's show on Hot97 with Young Jeezy and and Trey Songz. A lot was said but the thing that stands out the most is that Jay-Z addressed claims that he is a "devil worshipper" and part of the Illuminati. Here's what Jay had to say:
“I don’t know where it started. I don’t know where it came from. I really think it’s really silly. For the record, I of course believe in God, but I believe in one God. If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell. But as far as God, of course I believe in God. Am I a part of some sec or cult? That sounds stupid to me. It’s like ignorant to even say, and umm… I guess that’ll be the last time I address that. It’s ignorant to me.
"I can’t even get in a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that"

When asked if he believes that these sort of secret societies exist, Jay replied:
I think there are cliques of friends that control things. I don’t if there is a devil worshipping sect. That’s a little Tom hanks. I believe there are cliques of people that control the world…but that’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people and everything is good but as far as how far people are taking it…
So you don’t intentionally do this to put people in a frenzy?
I’m an entertainer at the end of the day. Maybe I’ll push your buttons but you know…

One of two things comes to mind. 1: Hmmm, we don't believe you, you need more people. LoL. or 2: *phew* Finally this will all go away. One thing I know for sure, Jay MUST HAVE been kidding when he said he doesn't know how this start. Really, Jay?? REALLY?


  1. OMG, as if he would ever admit to it. C'mon son!

  2. Finally these Internet scholars can be silenced. Bout fucking time

  3. this "illuminati/mason" fiasco has gone toooo far, lol.
    to the point they're breaking down Riahana's video bout "she got raped by 'Rainman' and that was her transition from good girl to bad"'s some fuckery seriously.

    if Jay was part of this "secret society" i dont think he'd be this bold...heck the man denied bein in a relationship for how many years!!
    consipiracy Theories are sooooo hard to ever control cause they open the window to believe anything.

  4. He witout sin shuld cast d first stone.(beings r entitled 2 dia own opinion,ryte.