Friday, January 29, 2010

Jeff Chery Helps Haiti

It's not only big names like Wycelf Jean who are doing their part to help Haiti. Rapper Jeff Chery was born in Haiti and moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of 6. He kept close to his roots the entire time he lived in Brooklyn and even moved back to Haiti at one point in his childhood. Unfortunately when the Jan. 12 earth quake hit Jeff's home country, he was deeply affected. But instead of sitting back in disbelief at the devastation, Jeff decided to rise to the occasion and kick off a series of concerts of which the benefits will go to helping Haiti. Jeff recently teamed up with the Grand Hustle family in Atlanta for a Haiti benefit concert that featured Pastor Troy, Young L.A., Nivea, Young Dro, Roscoe Dash and many more. Jeff performed his songs, "Magic" and "Big Face Money", which features F.L.Y, the group behind the hit, "Swag Surfin." Great music for a greater cause. Enjoy.


  1. Good for him for wanting to donate towards such a worthy cause.

  2. he killed this show