Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Day Another Naked Photo

So it seems an angry young lady (read groupie) has leaked photos of singer Bobby Valentino online. She even left a note:
Ladies it is time for us to wake up and see these men for who they are. This is one of many emails to come! Remember in life you must make choices; love the one you are with and stop thinking people will never find things out… cause your actions always come to the light.
Love M.C.

Ummm but these are photos with women in the photos, not Bobby spread out on a bed in a thong or anything. *shrugs* just saying. She says that there are more to come so, hopefully she has something that’s a little more embarrassing.

Photos: Freddyo


  1. Oh stop it. he probably leaked them himself

  2. I heard he has a SMALL dick! LMAO

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA. The groupie should be more embarased, since she's in the photo.