Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jeff Chery: Going Against The Grain

We've reported on rapper Jeff Chery's releases "Milf" and "Zone Out", among others. Now, Jeff releases his street album "Going Against the Grain." Executive produced by the artist, Devin Andrew “P Haze ” Welch and DJ Z, the project compiles 12 fresh records from the Atlanta-based rapper. Going Against the Grain comes backed by the boardwork of such beatsmiths as J. Hot, Jimmy Chiba and Ique (along with several instrumentals by P. Haze) and features guest appearances by Ray Lavender, Harlems Cash, Honey and Lykke Li.
Download "Going Against The Grain"


  1. A lot of people in BK been waitin for this!!!!!

  2. I liked this guy since you started posting his music. I'll be listening to this for sure.

  3. Dude is tough, i would love to hear more from this artist.