Friday, March 26, 2010

Page Vs Drake...What's Beef??

Let the beef begin. The screw face capital of the world (Toronto) is at it again. A rapper can't get no shine without haters coming at him or her. This is could get ugly because both Big Page (a local Toronto rapper who originally did the song "I'm Still Fly) and Drake apparently know personal stuff on each other. One of those things is that apparently Drake pressed charges against someone who robbed him last year. Big Page posted the apparent court documents on his Twitter yesterday....

He followed the TwitPic with these tweet:
DRAKE is a snitch ass ni*ga.... Him and all his boys... How u gonna rep toronto on a big scale and be a snitch at the same time???

And yes call me a hater .... Cuz fucking HATE that dude.... Let it be known

I'm on the beach trying to enjoy myself... Then I hear drake pulled some stunts lastnight on my brother last night... That ni*ga is OVER

That n*gga is a straight up snake... How do u go from asking my me For loans and asking me to borrow my chain... To try and get me jumped

If you ask me, those are some pretty serious allegations being thrown around. Drake's producer Boi-1da tweeted some ambiguous tweets that SEEMED directed at the situation. But you can never be's what he had to say....
LOL @ Disgruntled "whack" toronto rappers looking for attention.

#LOLat rappers that beg for beats for beats but can't pay for them, and act like they got money when another man buys all your things lol

#LOLat rappers getting managers to write their verses for them.


  1. Publicity stunt. Completely and utterly.

  2. Drake shouldn't even answer this punk ass mutherfucker who always wears the same chain and comes with kindergarten raps.

  3. this is oh so now if i get robbed at gun point im suppose to shut my mouth cuz their team might tweet about me later on...SMFH...

    kids play is all i can say..dudes need to grow the F up!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with the comment above! This is the latest beef ever

  5. The thing you people don't understand is, the dude did snitch!!! Doesn't matter if he claims to be a gangster or not!!!
    Drake runs with dudes that are on that so called gangster shit. His CEO reps blood. He may not claim to be gangster but,
    he's obviously putting himself in those crowds. Actions speak louder than words. When you put yourself in the game you have to play it by the rules,
    POINT BLANK PERIOD! It's not like his label mates are Brittany Spears and Miley Cirus.
    He's chosen to run with Young Money because he wants that street cred, telling on someone for whatever reason is not something the streets respect.
    And, if Baby, Wayne, Gudda Gudda, or whatever the fuck his name is, are as hood and street as they claim to be they should have a prob with this.

  6. True to the dude above! Really, you have to realize that HIP HOP isn't just about making records and cutting off the "show/act" after you leave the stage.
    It DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! The real hip hop artists know what it is. And yes, when you rep Young Money, you've gotta understand the way shit works. Ignorant or not. If you want to run with the real rap niggas you gotta act like it.
    Drake will for sure taint whatever street cred he has managed to attain by snitching. Sad but true. Yes, in general, in life, if you are aware of information that can virtually help, or save a life by all means snitch away...BUT, when you are living the lifestyle of a rap artist, you gotta know...."what happens in the streets, stay in the mutha fuckin streets".
    How ironic is it that Drake would snitch and his mentor Wayne is locked up at Rikers now (unrelated matters)? I mean... c'mon son. Dirt is dirt. You living or running with dudes that do dirt, you better keep your mouth shut. Plain and simple. Know how to act right.
    You just gotta know how things work especially when you're a player the game; and that he is.
    Sad but true.
    Either way, that beef is lame. That ain't nothing....Page needs to really just focus on his career. Drake is going up whether he likes it or not. If anything they should squash it and move on with life. He's hurt.

  7. Drake is a snake. Big ups to TYPD Page - Show em what you got

  8. drakes the shit!

  9. FUCK page the nigga wack, wtf you gone do either be a killer or not drake aint that type of nigga, he got robbed so he pressed charges, what do you think will happen if he goes and gets page jumped the shits going to escalate and somebody would get hurt/killed, it aint about being a gangsta or being a G its called smarts, I WOULDNT JEOPORDIZE MY CAREER FOR NO IGNORANT NIGGA'S tryna jack me. Word to my moms its called get your own thats why we cant even have more rappers out here in tdot niggas hate what they cant acheive, be happy for your fellow man they puttin the city on the map to pave way for future rappers and artists. I used to like page but i cant fuck wit that nigga no more he a bitch.

  10. for real page is a bitch nigga,dude i know u aint come from no money,welfare gorrilla hood living dude,why is most of this toronto dudes so bitter when they see people doing well,STOP HATING,get ur own,u either see an hatian or a Nigerian pushing big brand cars,y dont u get urs and stop been so focused on other people's life and success.

  11. i like both of them but page is a faggot i mean if u get robbed at gunpoint wat u gonna do get shot no ofcourse u gonna tell da police 2 get ur money back smfh

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