Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ne-Yo: Beautiful Monster/ Champagne Life

Former CreamWorld coverboy Ne-Yo goes for something epic with his mini-movies for "Beautiful Monster" and "Champagne Life", the first two singles from his upcoming album, Libra Scale. According to Ne-Yo, "Beautiful Monster" is one piece of a long and intricate story. "Beautiful Monster" represents the love interest / arch nemesis in the story of Libra Scale", which the entire album is based off of. Interesting....

Has anyone figured out why Ne-Yo says "beautiful" so weirdly in the video, or is it just me? Hm...just saying. Teehee, Ne-Yo's a superhero fighting bad guys. AND he takes off his hat!!!

Here we get the back story of how Ne-Yo came to be in the position he is in for the "Beautiful Monster" is a prelude.

1 comment:

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