Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rihanna & Chris Brown Talking?

Now, I'm not sure how true this is but if there is even an ounce of truth in it, Chris Brown better think twice before his ass ends up in jail. Remember, he's been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna for five years. Anyways, according to African magazine Heat, Chris and RiRi have apparently been in contact. A source told the mag:
“It’s been almost a year since they last spoke, but Rihanna felt like she could try to be friends with Chris again. Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She’d never seen him like that before. Chris told her that he felt like he’s grown up in the past year. He’s said he’s so happy to be back in touch with her. They were each other’s first love and he’s missed her so much. Rihanna knows that if he wanted him back, he’d be there in a second.”

What do ya'll think: true or false?

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