Wednesday, January 20, 2010

18-year-old Claims She Made Out With Lil Wanye

One of World Star Hip-Hop's viewers has dropped some questionable allegations against Lil Wayne. Here's what the person sent to WorldStar: "Heres photos of Lil Wayne, with a girl named Kristin and an underage friend named Martha. He met them at a concert in Chicago and invited them to see him in Milwaukee and gave them back stage passes. After that he flew them to Miami, (without parental consent from the minors parent) and put them up in a hotel. Kristin admittedly making out with him on her facebook" . Pause the slideshow images to see the words. What do ya'll think??? Real or fake? IF real, bad bad move for Wayne. C'mon son. You didn't really mean EVERY girl, did you?


  1. *blank stare* I have no words.

  2. Oh come on. This girl is a fucking liar. Wayne is dumb, but not that dumb. SMH. Attention whore.

  3. Co-sign with the above comment, this chick is just looking for attention...but where the hell were her parents when she was flying off to Miami to go tek hood?! She needs a damn BUSS ASS!!! And so do her parents...Control yuh dyam pickney!!!