Friday, January 22, 2010

Say It Ain't True! Kelly Rowland Stole Something?

According to The London Evening Standard, Kelly Rowland borrowed a few outfits from up-and-coming fashion designer Laura Dawson and has failed to return them. SMH! Not Kelly!
The singer borrowed a number of her quirky designs — two pairs of shorts, a sequined hoody, two skirts and a red shirt — for a performance two months ago. But Dawson’s calls to Rowland’s stylist about their return have been met with a stony silence for the last four weeks. My enquiries have also yet to be returned.
“It is really unfortunate that this has happened,” says Dawson, who currently has a pop-up store at Spitalfields. “I would otherwise have liked to continue to work with this particular client.”

News Source: The London Evening Standard

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