Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knifed-Up Heidi Montag

Ever wonder what 10 cosmetic procedures in one day looks like? Well, here you go. I present, a knifed-up, 25-year-old Heidi Montag. Last week we reported that "The Hills" star had TEN cosmetic surgeries. Now, we're seeing the result. Oh, shoutout to Heidi for holding a coffee mug with her name on it, since she knew we'd have a hard time recognizing her. SMH.


  1. she's only 23!!!! and all of that...this is ridiculous!!!
    the message being sent that u need to get plastic to get any work in the industry is REVOLTING!!!!!!!

    she was a pretty would be scared to light a candle close to her!


  2. Wow, she doesn't look the same, but she looks good! If she needs 10 cosmetic surgeries to feel better about herself then go for it. Who am I to judge, I'm not God!