Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christina & The-Dream Still Happily Married?

Despite not seeing them together at all recently, SandraRose.com is reporting that The-Dream and Christina Milian are indeed still happily married. According to her, a well-placed executive at The-Dream's label denies rumours that they're breaking up. Apparently this is what the exec had to say:
Ohhh nah. She was with him a lot when they got married and the baby and stuff but now she’s working again on movies and album and he’s doing his thing. I believe all is good, they’re just busy.

Mmmhmm...we'll see about that. These two couldn't take a sh*t without consulting one another a few months ago, but now they seem to be making a lot of solo appearances. We shall keep our little CreamWorld eye on this.

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  1. I heard she filed a divorce is it a lie or not