Friday, June 11, 2010

She's Such a Fu*king Lady...

Who attends a Met baseball game wearing panties and a bra, drinking brew and fingering the paps? Why Lady GaGa, of course! I mean, yes she hardly ever wears pants but seriously a baseball those dutty seats? I dunno. There's a difference between being unique and artistic and looking a damn fool. Lady GaGa crossed that line a long time ago.


  1. this was the last straw...
    ive tried hard defending this chica is debaes when people call her crazy n ish...but this i can't support...isnt this the same outfit from the Telephone video too??? SMH...

  2. Shes such a frigging cunt that Lady GaGa. Seriously, whatever she is looking for- she's going to find it.

    Its one thing to be creative, it's another to be a total classless drag queen looking tranny.

    Ew and yuck.