Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lil Kim's Got a New Gig

Is Lil Kim the new blog "it" girl? LoL. I've been throwing up blog posts about this bish for the last week or so almost non-stop. As you all know, she's got some sort of beef with Nicki Minaj, she's been spotted looking better than we've seen her looking in years. Well, now lil Kim's got a new gig as the face of Three Olives Vodka. Kim spoke on how she became the company's spokesperson: "[Three Olives] built the campaign around me, which I thought was really great. That was really awesome. I was really honored. I was amazed they even thought of me. That was [number] one. A lot of times my management finds things, but I would say 90% out of 100%, these things come to me. I’m blessed."
Oh and she's got a new book coming out, surprise, surprise. "I have my new book; it’s called The Price Of Loyalty – how ironic, right? It’s with St. Martin’s Press. We want to launch everything together so the fans have something to continuously pick up. It tells a story. A lot of times my story gets cut short [laughs]."