Thursday, June 10, 2010

Li Kim Confirms her Roc Status

Lil Kim is confirming what's been speculated for weeks now, that she's the latest person to sign to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.
The Queen Bee, who's been making headlines with her verbal assaults on Nicki Minaj, took time to slyly give a shoutout to her new home while on her tour bus in Baltimore. In between taunting Nicki Minaj, she threw up her diamond and shouted, "We Roc'n baby!"
She also added that her jabs at Nicki are far from over, saying that she has a “story” to tell that will explain her recent actions.
“It's gonna be part two, three and four tomorrow cause I gotta lot of sh*t to say. I gotta story to tell, I don't just go off for no reason….but stay tuned. Mine is way deeper than the cattiness, the female thing that everybody may think it is cause I showed straight love and I threw up a white flag.”

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  1. say word!i like where this is taking hip hop