Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cassie, Stick to Modeling PLEASE!

These photos are good enough to be in any high-end fashion mag. So why doesn't Cassie stick to modeling? Beats us. Instead she's too busy chasing Diddy around and signing off key. She's such a beautiful girl, she really could go far in modeling.

Alicia Keys Promo Pic

Alicia Keys is on her pre-album release grind. She released this promo shot for Element of Freedom. Although she looks gorgeous, what's with the spikes coming out of her knee. I don't get it. Is all of the music industry going dark and sinister?

Eddie Murphy's Daughter A Video Girl?

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy’s oldest daughter Bria is starting her career off doing some modeling and video work. The 19-year-old is playing Gucci Mane's leading lady in his up-coming, Benny Boom-directed video. Bria has also been a model for Macy's and other companies. She looks JUST like her mother.

Are We Tired Of This Bum Yet?

It just occurred to's been quite a few years since Kim K and her assets stepped into the spotlight. Im starting to wonder, how long can she ride the booty train before people are tired of her? I for one am no longer impressed by her big butt. What does she do?? Wasn't she a stylist once? I'm so over Kim K.

Photo Credit: WENN

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sean Paul Loves CreamWorld!

Thanks to Amol Gupta of Standout Ent. for this video!

Soulja Boy & Snoop Dogg Team Up

Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy have teamed up for Soulja Boy's latest single Pronto. According to Soulja Boy's Twitter the 2 have made history....ummm whatever you say. The rapper also took some time to show off. What else is new?

Usher's Ex Responds to "Papers"

Tameka Raymond-Foster responded to Usher's scathing song Papers. I guess she gotta get a few last words in before her 15 seconds is up.

Too Much To Soon?

Kimora has always been known for putting her kids in the spotlight. It seems as the girls grow older they're thrust into the spotlight more often. That begs the question, is it too much too soon?

Tracee Ellis Ross, Why?

Poor boo boo. Ima give her the benefit of the doubt and say she doesn't own a mirror. If she did, there's NO WAY she would leave the house lookin like this. I don't care if you're Diana Ross's daughter, you have no business stepping out like this.