Friday, March 5, 2010

RiRi Lets a Robot Squirt In Her Eye

I can't say I totally understand RiRi's performance last night at Germany's "Echo" Awards but it sure is entertaining to watch her dance with some robots that look like they could be outta "Transformers". The robots shake their groove thangs, try to touch RiRi's groove thang and then one squirts on her face. Never thought I'd write that on the blog. Anyways, observe how RiRi NEVER gives up on trying to sing live. That's determination.

The Carters Get Presidental

Well, well, well doesn't Mr. Shawn Carter look comfortable at the head of that table? LoL. Jay-Z and wifey Beyonce paid a visit to President Obama's house yesterday before Jay-Z hit the stage in D.C. Beyonce's mom was also there and so were Trey Songz and his manager Kevin Liles. No photos with the president have surfaced quite yet. Yea, we see you Jay with your political connects.

Um...Diddy, Cassie....We're Not Stupid

So, Diddy and Cassie both happen to be in Paris right now for Paris Fashion Week. Both hit up the same show the other day and then both were spotted sight-seeing. But, naw they couldn't possibly be in Paris together. What a silly little blogger I am to think that. When are these two gonna give up the charade? Getting a teeny bit old. What's not old, however, is how Cassie is stepping her fashion game way up. She looked uber cute in some cuffed jeans, white pumps, a blouse and an oversized scarf. It gives me hope that she'll go back to doing what she's really good at: looking pretty as a model.

Eva Longoria-Parker Sexes It Up

Excuse her! LoL. Someone better call Tony Parker to get his wife. I kid, I kid, it's all for a scene from "Desperate Housewives." Eva Longoria-Parker is lookin lovely though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Single off Dizzy's Album

Drizzy Drake Rogers dropped his new single "Over" just a few minutes ago and the internets are going nuts over it already. Check out a snippet and then, download: here. Oh, and someone teach me how to get a damn player on the blog so I don't have to rely on Youtube videos. That is all.

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: RiRi Edition

Part of me loooooves it! Part of me haaaaates it! Either way, Rihanna was spotted wearing this gree jumpsuit with a deep front plunge, shoulder pads and winged sleeves today in Berlin. She paired it with a pair of simple pumps? She is fashion forward, or fashion fail?

Photos: Passig

Diddy & His Fav Sidechick Hits Paris Fashion Week

Well, well, well, what's do we have here? Diddy hit up Fashion Week in Paris with sidechick #1, Cassie. Cassie looks gorgeous with a new honey-blonde do and an ill outfit. Diddy doesn't look too thrilled to be photographed, we can just hear the conversation he and Kim will have. *evil laugh*. I kid, I kid. But seriously, Diddy needs to straighten this situation out. Enough is enough and Kim isn't gonna take it anymore! Ok, I'll stop.

Alicia Keys & Her Hips Perform In Illinois

Is it me, or is Alicia Keys getting hotter by the day? The "Sleeping With A Broken Heart" singer performed in Illinois last night and looked hot doing it! Swizzy, is this your doing?

Congrats Keyisha Cole & Daniel Gibson

Just in case you haven't heard yet, Keyshia Cole and Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson announced the birth of their first child. The baby boy is named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., after his daddy. The couple’s son was born Tuesday at 11:54 p.m., weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz.
Congrats to the happy couple and we hope that KC's family doesn't cause her any drama or try to get attention with the birth of her child.

T-Pain & DJ Drama Get Cartoon'd

As if T-Pain wasn't enough of a character in real life, now Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network over in the US has turned him into a cartoon. T-Pain and DJ Drama supplied voices for "Freaknik: The Musical", which airs on Sunday at 11pm. Check it out so you can join me in saying SMH.

Jonny Roxx: Do It

Local Toronto rapper Jonny Roxx releases a video for his latest single "Do It." With production by T-Nyce, the song has an aggressive beat, fitting for the rapped dubbed The Bully. The high-energy video features Roxx doing his thing in the gym, getting ready to eat rappers or whatever it is rappers do these days. LoL. Enjoy.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Young Money: Roger That

I see you Weezy, I see you! Lil Wayne and his Young Money crew dropped their video for "Roger That", which features Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Mr. Carter himself and I am not mad at it, at all. Nicely executed creative concept that features a bit of 1940s film noir. I like the way they did it and it's a great way to see Lil Wayne off to his year at Rikers (keep ya head up LilTunechi). And, of course, how can you NOT love Nicki's animated ass? LoL. I guess this begs the question: Will Harriet The Spy take a stab at Nicki's verse on this one? If you get the joke, good on ya. If you dont, aw well.

Welcome Baby Violet

The Little Dream is finally here! According to People magazine, Christina Milian and her hubby The-Dream welcomed their first child together to the world this past Friday. The little girl's name is Violet, The-Dream said they were keeping her middle name private for now....ummmm okay?? Is the middle name that important? Either way, People is reporting the baby is healthy and has a "full head of hair." We'll keep you posted on the first photos of the little blessing.

Guru Recovering After Surgery

I have a beef. No seriously. My beef is with bloggers, even though I run a blog in conjunction with the magazine. Last night on Twitter, after a random blogger tweeted "RIP Guru" the whole of Twitter jumped on the message without any type of confirmation of death. In my attempt to find the source of the message I tweeted at a bunch of people but no one could point to their source. This lead me to BlackBerry Messenger where I hit up a person who sent out an RIP broadcast message, he told me his sources to which I replied, "What is their relationship to Guru's camp?" He couldn't tell me. The point? Guru in fact had not passed away. He underwent surgery and is recovering today, according to Preemo. To go live with a message that someone had passed away without confirmation is in bad taste and sends out terrible energy. It also goes to show that when you're looking at a blog, you should question where the person got his or her information. Let's keep Guru in our prayers and wish him a speedy recovery.

Would You Dance With These Stars?

"Dancing With The Stars" announced its lineup yesterday and it's going to be rather interesting this season. I still haven't decided whether this show is a good or bad move for one's career but it does say that you're kinda sorta washed up. Either way, here's the list of competitors that will be dancing of he title:

*Football player Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson
*“Reno 911″ & “Clean House”’s Neicy Nash
*TV reality attention white Kate Gosselin
*Actress Shannen Doherty
*Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger
*Actress Pamela Anderson
*Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
*The Bachelor Jake Pavelka
*Olympic gold medalist Evan Licecheck
*ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews
*Soap opera actor Aiden Turner

This leads me to believe that Kate Gosselin will NEVER go away and that Brenda Walsh BETTER make an appearance when Shannen gets bitchy. Anyways, "Dancing With The Stars" begins on March 22. Who do you have your money on?

Ladies RIP The Runway

BET's "Rip The Runway" doesn't air until mid-March but the show was taped over this past weekend. The ladies dressed casually cute and a few stood out. Lil Ms. Nicki Minaj rocked a toned-down look, which actually suited her well after seeing her in heart-shaped eye glasses and a pink money as accessories. I loved this look on her. Trina (who is currently dealing with some naked photo leaks, which I can't even be bothered with) chose a simple black dress with a cute, cropped fur jacket. Lastly, Janelle Monae wore an interesting cape outfit that only she could pull off. If you have no idea who is she, get familiar. This crazy chick can SING and is bringing an interesting spin into the music industry with her FINALLY released singles. Janelle fans, we've been waiting too long, right?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nas Owes IRS $3.3-Milli?!

Nas is the latest example of what happens when an artist makes a shitload of money and has no idea how to manage it. Aside from being ordered to pay Kelis $200,000 in back child support, Nas owes the IRS a whopping $3,365,671.26. GOT DAMN! According to TMZ, sources say Nas doesn't have a clue that he's going under financially and doesn't understand he can go to jail if he doesn't pay his taxes, or child support, back. Also, Nas was apparently at Sundance recently and raked in $50,000 for a performance, which, TMZ is told, he blew before he blew out of Sundance.
Damn, we hope Nas gets his ish together and finds himself a good accountant/ lawyer.

SNL Spoofs "We Are The World"

Sooo, it's safe to say you did something wrong when SNL goes in. Over the weekend the late-night comedy sketch show aired a spoof of the 2010 version of "We Are The World" with J-Lo playing Rihanna and SNL staffers taking on the roles of Lady GaGa, Willie Nelson and many others. I would say this is an accurate and scientific analysis. LoL

Trey Songz: Neighbors Know My Name

Trey Songz: Neighbors Know My Name from Miss Jia on Vimeo.

I know all you Trey Songz stans are gonna go crazy over this video but really it just looks like left-over clips from "Invented Sex." Dont me mad, it's the truth. How many times can we say Trey making out with a chick and implying that he's giving it to her before we stifle a yawn. Either way, enjoy the "Neighbors Know My Name" video.

Amerie Is Off The Market

All you dudes who are in love with Amerie's sexy legs and looks, fall back. The singer is officially taken. A rep for Amerie took to Twitter to clarify that the wedding has not yet taken place, saying: “Amerie just got engaged she is not getting married she just got engaged thats it.”
Her fiance is her boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson. That ring looks like it's on point. Congrats to the happy couple.

Pray for Guru of GangStarr

Rap legend Guru, of GangStarr, was hospitalized after a massive heart attack yesterday. According to confirmed reports, he slipped into a coma and Miss Info from Hot97 is reporting that he is to undergo surgery today. Keep this rap legend in your prayers as it is being said he is "fighting for his life". Our thoughts are with him and his loved ones at this time.

Canadian Pride Shuts Down Yonge & Dundas

Just in case you were sitting in front of your TV last night after the Canadian Men's Hockey Team beat the US to win Canada's 14th GOLD medal at the Olympics last night, we got some footage from the thicket of things. Someone took this footage at Toronto's Yonge and Dundas Square (think Junior Times Square). These scenes were repeated all across Canada. It's a beautiful thing! Canada, you are a Golden nation! Take pride and enjoy this moment.

Photo: Bruce Bennett/ Getty Images