Friday, December 11, 2009

Spotted: Swizzy & A.Keys in Paris

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were caught by cameras strolling through the streets of Paris. Is his and Mashonda's divorce finalized? *shrugs* Not that it makes a difference I guess, just asking. Meh, as long as everyone is happy.

Mommy and Me

Halle Berry and her little cutie were spotted out and about in Hollyweird the other day. I am SO glad to see Nahla walking. It seems that every pic I've been of her and mommy, she's being carried. Was starting to wonder. LoL. Watch the little face she's making in the first photo....too cute!

Chris Brown Rates Female Celebs

I dunno who told Chris Brown it was a good idea to rate all these industry chicks. He gave people like Beyonce, Cassie, and Alicia Keys a 9/10. Amber Rose got an 8. Amerie got the lowest rating, a lowly 6. SMH. Chris, stop. Seriously. Funniest part of the video is how looks like he's concentrating hard...dummy

Verse: Hard To Breathe

Toronto rapper Verse has dropped his latest video. The song, "Hard to Breathe" is off an upcoming album called "Executive Class." It features two other local artists, Captain Hooks and Monique. The video has a classy, grown and sexy feel.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nas To Pay Almost 50,000 a Month in Spousal Support

So, this is what it comes down to. Nas has been ordered to pay his ex-wife Kelis $40,454 a month in spousal support and $10,647 in child support. He's also ben ordered to pay the lawyer bill, which is $40,022. Damnnnnnn son. All of this is based on what Nas has and also what he has coming, since Kelis decided to let it be known that her ex-hubby would be dropping two more albums. Nas’ lawyer is still fighting the custody battle because at this time, Kelis has full custody and Nas wants to be able to have his son spend the night.

What In The World Is He Wearing??

This is The-Dream wearing f'ing stocking in his wedding photos? Someone please, please explain this to me. I really don't get it!!! It does make me giggle though.

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: A.Keys Edition

This is what Alicia Keys wore to her record release party. Not sure if I'm feeling it, but one this is for sure Alicia sure is getting thick in all the right places. She looks fab. BTW, the album is amazing. I would strongly suggest it, I don't mean bootleg either. I mean take your butt to the store and buy a copy, it's worth it.

Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness

Kudi Cudi has dropped his video for his latest single. Check our Canadian boy Drake's cameo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RiR's New Ink

OK Magazine has obtained these photos of RiRi's latest tattoo. It reads "Never a failure, always a lesson." I cant lie, I am feeling that motto. Nicely tatted too.

Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods

I get the feeling this is just the beginning. PepsiCo’s Gatorade has announced it won’t be making any more Tiger-themed drinks. The decision was made public before his recent troubles but, observes CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella, the timing couldn’t be worse for Woods.
“The more women that come out and the more mistresses we learn about,” says so-called reputation doctor Mike Paul of MGP & Associates Public Relations, “the sponsors certainly have more of an evaluation going on, and there’s increased pressure for them to at least consider dropping him.”
In other Tiger "Cheetah" Woods related news, e-mails have surfaced between Tiger and the first woman that was linked to him. In the e-mail Tiger writes, “I finally found someone I connect with, someone I have never found like this. Not even at home. Why didn’t we find each other years ago?”

50 Cent: Do You Think About Me

Well, well, well what do we have here? "Do You Think About Me" by 50 Cent featuring Governor stars Vivica A. Fox, Tahiry and Tamala Jones. Not a bad lineup. Vivica goes a teeny bit nuts in the video, smashing some ish up, messin with a voodoo doll, slashing tires and blowing ish up. 1 question though....why we women smash up their OWN stuff when they're mad at their man or an ex? Honey, smash HIS stuff...that will make you feel better. It made me laugh how they actually use pap shots from when 50 and Vivica were dealing. LoL.

Mary J Blige: I Am

Yes! Our favourite Aunty has released a video for her heartfelt song "I Am." She looks very grown and sexy in the video as she sings to her "hubby" about loving him better than any other woman could. Ladies, take these lyrics to heart and know that if a man wants to leave ain't no other heffer gonna love him like you do. LoL.

Timbaland ft. Drake: Say Something

I dunno how it happened folks, but I slept on this song. Yup, sure did. Better late than never though. Watch for Drake at the beginning of the video with his eye-half-closed-i-look-sexy face. Makes me giggle. Still respect Drizzy though. Dude is consistent. One question...when Drake calls Timbo, how come Timbo walks away from the bed like he's taking a call from a female? Me no likey. However, overall the video is dope. I wish I had nice writing so I could do something clever like write "This is your last kiss" in lipstick on a mirror. LOL.

Mariah Carey: H.A.T.E. U

Yet another video of Mariah Carey frolicking on the beach. *sigh* Is it just me or have an awful lot of her videos been shot on this exact same beach....okay maybe not the exact same, but pretty damn close!! Meh, I found this video totally boring and Mariah rubs herself more than usual.

Last Night In NYC...

Everyone from Mariah Carey, RiRi and Lady CaCa (I mean GaGa) to Pete Wentz and 50 Cent showed up to celebrate the launch of Vevo last night in NYC. Vevo is apparently "the world's premier destination for music video ent." Really? Could've sworn that was WorldStar...either way. LoL. Looks like fun times...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods Can't Win

Could this this week get any worse for golfer Tiger Woods? Today morning a rescue call was made to Tiger Woods' home, according to Orange County fire officials. An ambulance arrived, but it's not known who was taken to a nearby hospital. The woman appears to be a middle-aged blonde. Fox News reported that the unidentified woman has been released.
Let's recap the drama thus far...last week rumours of his cheating ways surfaced, then he crashed his car and rumour had it that his wife didn't break the window in the back of the SUV to help him, but rather cause she was pissed. He eventually released a statement apologizing for this "transgressions". Andddd that's when it all went downhill even worse. Up to 7 women have come forward claiming to be mistresses. On top of that, an investigative subpoena request filed by the Florida Highway Patrol was released. In the subpoena a witness believed to be Woods' wife, Elin, said that Woods consumed alcohol earlier in the day before crashing outside his Isleworth home and that the golfer has prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin. Oh, and then there's all the talk of how much Wifey would get paid to stay and how much she would take if she left. Apparently she's moved out of the house. Wowzers. We can't make this ish up.

Keri Hilson & Usher Reinvent Sex

So Keri and Usher have jumped on an "Invented Sex" remix with Trey Songz. Kinda hot. I like, I like! Listen to Keri about, "Missionary is no good!" LOL. Go head Keri!

RiRi Lookin Happy

Say what you will about RiRi and those Satan worship rumours, but she sure does look happy. LoL. RiRi and her friend took in the Knicks game last night and looked like they were having fun times.

Young Money: Bed Rock

Here's the first video the Young Money Crew. It's basically a "reality TV" sorta take on what like in a mansion with Young Money would look like. All the usual suspects make their appearances and Lil Wayne looks shorter than usual, LoL. Enjoy.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Did RiRi Make a Funny?

Rihanna made an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. She looked great, as always. As for the skit, it made me laugh out loud once. What do you think? Should RiRi stick to her day job?

Chris Brown May Be Trying A Little Too Hard

Remember Chris Brown's album cover with the Robin Hoode tights, body suit tight shirt and boots? Well, these are from the inside of that CD booklet. Chris tries to look hard, but he's trying a little too hard for me. The six-pack looks proper, but I guess he's had a lot of time to burn calories hiding out during the drama with RiRi...or maybe photoshop works wonders. Plus, Chris buddy....some weird cartoon thing took a shit on your shoulder. Might wanna take that to the dry cleaners'.

50 and Vivica Are Teases

50 Cent has released the teaser trailer for his upcoming video called "Do You Think About Me." The video features his old flame Vivica Fox. Interesting choice of leading lady.

Ms. Hill....Get It Together, Please

This is the photo that broke my cynical little heart. It's the iconic Lauryn Hill, spotted in a shop in New Jersey. I wish she would get it together and realize how much today's musical landscape could use her voice, her lyrics and her presence. She's still beautiful, but I miss Lauryn when she looked like this. And by "like this" I don't mean her looks. I mean regal, strong, beautiful, at peace, confident and HAPPY....

Spotted: Janet Jackson in London

While in the U.K. to perform on the TV show, The X Factor, Ms. Jackson was spotted at Mr. Chow’s in Knightsbridge, West London over the weekend. During her meal, Janet met an 11-year-old girl who had flown over 200 miles to see the singer. When the girl said she was a fan of Janet’s brother Michael, the star shed a tear and thanked her for coming to visit her. How precious.

Nelly's Black and White Ball

Nelly hosted his annual Black and White ball in St. Louis this weekend. He invited his friends and fam to Chase Park Plaza for the annual charity event–and brought his daughter Chanell Haynes along as his date. His momma was also there. Who knew Nelly had such a grown daughter?