Friday, August 13, 2010

Bow Wow's Mom's Store Seized by State Dept. of Revenue

It has been confirmed that Taste boutique in Atlantic Station was seized by the state department of revenue for non-payment of state taxes. Taste is owned by Teresa Caldwell, mother of rapper Bow Wow. Teresa responded to reports that her upscale clothing boutique was seized by the state via Twitter. She cautioned followers who may find themselves in the same boat as her, saying, "Ppl please make sure u pay close attention to who's handling ur books and ur business. Because I didn't. Thanks for all the positive energy."

RiRi's Looking Fab in NYC

Rihanna performed in NYC at Madison Square Garden last night for her "Last Girl on Earth" tour. Then she stepped out looking fab for her big afterparty at Greenhouse. She rocked a black sheer and lace dress, with a gold chain and a pair of basic black Louboutin pumps. I like this classy yet sexy look on RiRi.

Solange Does Vintage

Solange Knowles is geting her vintage on in these images with her son, Daniel. She looks so natural and earthy. I can't believe how big Daniel is! He's turning 6 in October. He looks like a kid who is full of personality. Cute!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chippy D's Deadly Weapon Assault Charges

Montana Fishburne’s story just keeps getting more interesting, but worst. According to TMZ, the new porn star has a criminal rap sheet that includes assault with a deadly weapon! Yikes! Where were her parents when all this was going down?
Montana was arrested last February after allegedly barging into the alleged victim’s home (the complaint does not give her name), forcing her into the bathroom and beating the crap out of her. We’re told the victim had “significant injuries.”
The L.A. City Attorney’s Office has charged Fishburne with battery, and will be adding charges of false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.
Montana, who’s being repped by the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, has pled not guilty and the case is pending.
Fishburne’s boyfriend, Jerome Greene, was also charged in the attack against his ex-girlfriend but already pled no contest to domestic battery.

In other Chippy D news, she sat down with ETalk (and apparently CNN as well) to discuss her reason for getting into porn, plans for the future and when she started exploring sex. SMH.

Kanye Calls Nicki Minaj "2nd Scariest Rapper"

Kanye West not only debuted his new song "See Me Now" when he talked to Angie Martinez on Hot97 yesterday. He also made some very bold statements about Nicki Minaj (would we expect anything else?) Kanye says he thinks Nicki is the 2nd scariest rapper in the industry (to Eminem) and that she has the potential to be the 2nd greatest to Em as well. Wowzer. Do we agree? Check out the audio of the statements:

Bow Wow and Angela Simmons are Back On!

It's definitely been on and off for rapper Bow Wow and reality TV (and daughter of Rev Run) Angela Simmons. They dated a while back and were spotted together at T.I. and Tiny's wedding. Perhaps love was truly in the air cause it seems that Angela and Bow Wow are back together. You see, Bow Wow was in D.C. this morning to promote his movie "Lottery Ticket" and he brought Angela along to WPGC's Big Tigger Morning Show. The show's co-host Danella then reported once Bow Wow left the studio that the two are indeed back on. Wonder if it'll work out for them this time!

Paris Hilson Sued for Wearing Someone Else's Hair

*le sigh* I remember hearing Paris Hilton say, more than one, that she's suuuuucccchhhh a business person. Well, how's this for business, Paris was sued yesterday because a company that manufactures hair extensions claimed the 29-year-old socialite breached her contract to wear and promote their product when she sported the fake locks of a competitor in 2008. Hairtech International Inc. is seeking $35 million in damages — 10 times what she was apparently paid under the contract. The fraud and breach-of-contract suit cites the heiress’ partying as contrary to Hairtech’s marketing campaign.
The filing also claims Hilton missed a launch party for the hair extension line because she was serving a stint in jail in 2007. Hilton served 23 days in 2007 after she was caught driving twice on a suspended license while on probation for reckless driving. The filing states the company’s lost $6.6 million on the launch party alone, although a jury or judge will have to decide whether Hilton owes any money if the case goes to trial.
Oh dear. I don't even have words.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kanye Teams Up with Beyonce and Charlie Wilson

Kanye West stopped by Angie Martinez on Hot97 today and dropped a jewel on the world. The track is called "See Me Now" and it features Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. Apparently it's not a single but he wanted to share it with the world. I dunno about you, but I think Kanye is back! This is a niiiiice summer song! I am feeling it.

Rihanna's New Ink

We told you that Rihanna was out and about with Matt Kemp a few days ago and the two hit a tattoo parlour. There was some speculation whether Rihanna got Matt's name inked on her. Nope. Our girl didn't make us put her in the dummy category. Instead, it turns out that Rihanna got the word "Rebelle Fleur" on her neck. That translates to Rebel/Rebellious Flower for the non-French speakers.

Beyone Sexes It Up More

Beyonce is going topless and spreading em for her new Dereon ads. We showed you the first photo from the new Fall/Winter line and now here's more. I'm not exactly sure what they're trying to sell in these images because there aren't many clothes on her. *kanye shrug*. Do we like the sexed up Beyonce and does it make you want to buy Dereon?

Erykah Badu's New Do

Erykah Badu recently debuted a new do! She's gone blond with a mohawk. NOT what I would expect from Ms. Badu!! It's definitely an interesting and very dramatic look. The journey is still out on this one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Barbie Battle...Bishes

It's a Barbie World....or is it Barbee? That depends on who you ask! Internet reports are pitting Nicki Minaj against the JA dancehall artist Barbee who claims that Nicki threw shade at her while filming Sean Kingston's "Letting Go" in JA.
Apparently, the Jamaican Barbee was supposed to star as Sean’s “main girl” in the video and was featured in more than 30 frames. But she was then mysteriously removed from more than 30 frames in the final cut. Jamaican fans were reportedly miffed by her absence from the video and attribute her disappearance to an insecure Nicki Minaj who didn’t want to be overshadowed by the 6 foot vixen. Since being erased from the vid, Dancehall Barbee claims she has no ill feelings and has moved on to team up with Trina for a new joint called “See About Me.”
LoL...I dunno if these reports are true, but for the record: which Barbie would you prefer?

Mama Knows Best

So, Wacka Flocka Flame has a stage mom. Yup. I totally disagree with parents managing children (had a bad experience with a stage mom once..I'll tell ya'll another time). Anyways, Ms. Debra Antney manages her son and used to manage Guccie Mane and Nicki Minaj, among others. Mama decided to sound off about an interview Waka did with Vibe magazine during which he was asked about his current relationship with Gucci. It didn't sound good between the former friends, but mama stepped in to set the record straight.
I am thoroughly amused.

Rihanna Gets Inked Again...

Rihanna, her red bowl hair cut, limegreen top and arm candy Matt Kemp were in NYC on Sunday. The two went for a bite to eat at Da Silvano and then headed over to a tattoo parlour. Wonder what she got tatted! By the way, RiRi and Matt have grown on me. They look super happy in these photos. Isn't love grand?

Alicia Keys & Her Pregnant Glow

Alicia Keys and her hubby Swizz Beatz were spotted leaving their yacht after a European honeymoon (with a few friends). Swizzy's son (not the one by Mashonda) was also there. Is it just me or is Alicia Keys like the prettiest pregnant girl you've ever seen? She looks absolutely fab! Nice tan, nice glow! Just lovely.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trey Songz Makes History...Not in a Good Way... looks like Trey Songz' "My Moment" BET show has tanked. Check out this report:
After a somewhat promising start back in June, the show’s ratings have dropped to dismal depths – with this week’s episode bringing in an embarrassing 0.461 million viewers (this despite it being aired nationally).
Worse still, the disastrous figures landed the show in last place among all Cable shows on the day of its airing (August 4th).
This will no doubt come as a blow to BET, Songz, and his team – who sources say had been lobbying for another season of ‘My Moment’.
With ‘My Moment’, however, it is unavoidably clear from the get-go that the objective is to present Songz as superstar. Yet with only one Gold album to boot (out of three) and a fanbase who appear to be more concerned with what’s in his trousers than his talent (an image Songz cultivated for himself), it’s not surprising to see such plans falling through. Matters aren’t helped by the fact Songz has as much personality as a loaf of bread, either.

I gotta say, I'm surprised though. Ladies stay saying how much they love Trey. You'd think they'd tune in. Either way, in other Trey Songz news, he and Melanie Fiona are the new faces of Rocawear's NEXT campaign. Check out some images from the campaign:

Katy Perry Goes In On Her Ex, Travis McCoy

Katy Perry is airing out her ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes via her track "Circle the Drain". Lyrics to the song include: “Thought I was the exception/ I could rewrite your addiction/ You could have been the greatest/ But you’d rather get wasted/ You fall asleep during foreplay/ ‘Cause the pills you take are more your forté/ I’m not sticking around to watch you go down/ Wanna be your lover/ Not your [bleep]ing mother.” Perry continues: “You think you’re so rock and roll/ But you’re really just a joke/ Had the world in the palm of your hand/ But you [bleep]ing choked.”
The singer told Billboard magazine of the song in a cover story on the singer: “It’s kind of like my ‘You Oughta Know,’ Alanis Morissette moment.” McCoy has previously acknowledged his drug use and even blogging about being addicted to pharmaceuticals since he was 15 years old.
While discussing the lyrics, one source close to Perry remembered an incident at the Z100 Jingle Ball 2008 concert in which Perry performed, where McCoy was thrown out of Madison Square Garden for being too messed up. “She came offstage, and he was gone,” said the source. Another source in defense of McCoy agreed he was removed from the premises, but not because he was wasted. Reps for Perry and McCoy did not respond to requests for comment.
That's pretty intense. I liked them together.

Beyonce Gets Rough & Tough

Beyonce puts on her bad girl face...or maybe she's Sasha Fierce for her new Dereon ad. I dunno how I feel about this one. The fake tattoos on her leg had me blank staring a bit, I can't even lie. Not sure how I feel about the outfit either. *kanye shrug*.

Serena & Kim K Step Out...

The big booty gyals, Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian stepped out last night for dinner in West Hollywood. Serena is really making the most of her cast, eh? She recently has surgery and has been rocking the cast since. Anyways, since they both donned minis..we gotta ask...who looked more banging?