Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris Brown's "Crawl"

WTF is this...who's got the best video day? First Rihanna releases her Russian Roulette video (see below) and now here's Chris Brown's vid for Crawl.

RiR's Russian Roulette Video

More or less disturbing than you thought it would be?

Official "The Element Of Freedom" Cover?

Earlier this week, we reported that this was the cover for Alicia Key's new album. Apparently we were wrong. Behold in all its glory, the apparent official album cover. We say the 2nd one is a better look. No much better.

Rihanna Shoots Photos for "Rated R"

Here’s a behind the scenes look at RiRi’s album photo shoot for the forthcoming Rated R. Let's just say the shoot or for the album, due out November 23, looks intense.

Who Will Be 50's Special Guest in Next Vid?

Got to love Fif. He is so damn entertaining. Vivica must be weak off the baby arm lol....

Melanie Fiona Styles Wale

She doesn't quite style him, but she gives her opinion on how he should rock the hat. Either way, it's ugly.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chris Brown Gets Cussed Out

Wowzers, some people went IN on Chris Brown in NYC last night. Dude got insults hurled at him left right and center with fans screaming things like, "Woman beater!" and "I hope someone beats the fucking crap out of you!" Eeeek. Backlash from RiRi's interview?

RiR Likes To Eat....

How does lil ms. petit stay so small? It's not thanks to her rider. Girl likes to eat. Click the photo to check out what RiRi requires in her dressing room.

In other RiRi news: here's a 30 second preview for her vid Russian Roulette.

Umm Mimi? What's Going On?

These photos confuse me. The expression, the random men, the random hands coming out of nowhere. Is this the usual scene when Mariah arrives at a hotel? What's wrong with her face?


Maybe They Need God?

Amber Rose and Kanye seem as if they are indeed together despite the rumours that insisted they were done and done. The couple was spotted roaming the streets of Rome (I know, Im corny). They even visited the Vatican. Looking for God?


Guess Who...

Who in the hell is this?? It's our girl Kim K! Ms. Fat Booty under went a transformation for a reality TV show titled Secret Celebrity. Would Kim look like this if she wasn't in the spotlight? Hmmm...anyways, here's the transformation in process.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Katt Williams Is No Kat Burglar

Katt Williams is speaking out against the burglary and kidnapping allegations. Here's some highlights before you peep the videos.

On stealing $3500 worth of jewelry

If I did not steal when I was starving, then I certainly will not steal $3,500 worth of jewelry, while you are wearing $250,000 worth of jewelry. They misunderstood. They thought that I was an average typical negro. I am no such a thing. I don’t talk like it. I don’t act like it. I don’t walk like it and I don’t hang with people that do. I am special. Now, If they want to convince me that I am not special than that’s fine. This time last year they put me in Rikers Island on trespassing charges in New York and then they put me in a mental institution following that. Me! Katt Williams. And here I am another Thanksgiving being prosecuted again.

On kidnapping a 17-year-old boy

I have sons, I don’t need to kidnap children. If you are 17 years old and I don’t let you leave it’s probably for a valid reason. It’s probably because you don’t have any money and you are away from home and you don’t have anywhere to go. There are things I will NOT do.

On Bankruptcy Rumors

The same day they said I was bankrupt I got a check for “Pimpin Pimpin” for 1.4 million dollars. I haven’t cashed it...Then last week “Katt Williams Pimpadelic sold 1.6 million dollars. I’m trying to figure out how a n*gga with 3 million dollars is stealing $3500 worth of jewelry in Coweta County GA, while he rides around in a Bentley.

Lady GaGa Is Still Weird

Lady GaGa is at it again with an "artistic" (aka weird) video for her latest single, Bad Romance. The song will be included on her Nov. 23 release The Fame: Monster.

Another Day Another RiRi Single Cover

Is it just me or is Rihanna releasing single covers like every other day? This one is for her song featuring Young Jeezy. Just like all the rest it's sexy with lots of skin.

The Simmons Support "Life Project For Africa"

The Simmons family (including Russell, his sis-in-law Justine, nephew Russy and ex-wife Kimora) came out to support the Life Project for Africa Benefit last night in NYC. Looked like a lot of fun.

The New Face of Vera Wang's Princess

Lenny Kravit'z daughter Zoe is now the new face of Vera Wang's perfume Princess. I know, I didn't recognize her either. Homegirl doesn't usually sport wigs and isn't this glammed up. But hey, get yours. The funny thing is Vera Wang has released this statement, "Princess to me isn’t only the princess with a crown, it’s a girl who is courageous. She is an individual, she has a sense of whimsy, a sense of fun. She is a princess in her own mind, and in her own way." Okay, so why couldn't you let Zoe be herself? SMH.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Um Alicia...Hmmm...ummm?

Well, I'm not sure what to say about this. I know....freedom, wings, flying, all that all that. But REALLY this is the best they could come up with? She looks gorgeous but it's a bit amateurish.

Katt Williams Replaces Frankie As 2009's Hot Mess

Now, what the hell does Katt Williams have to be smiling about? Yesterday Katt's lawyer spoke out saying that he was leasing the spot in which he was arrested for breaking and entering. Katt's lawyer also told TMZ that while Katt is shooting a movie in Georgia he's staying at the producer's home. The same home he was accused of robbing. The lawyer claims Katt got into an argument with one of the producer's employees who lives in the guest house. The employee was apparently so mad he called the cops. What the lawyer failed to mention was that Katt flew a 17-year-old boy out to accompany him and last Tuesday that boy made a call to 911 claiming Katt was holding him against his will. Below is the 911 call.

Forever Massari: Album In Stores Today

Canadian crooner Massari has released his latest album, entitled Forever Massari . Support Canadian music and cop that. Also, don't forget to check out his website:

Rihanna: 2009 Glamour Woman of the Year

Rihanna was honored last night by Glamour Magazine as 2009 Woman of the Year. She looked stunning in a very unique gown and sported totally bleached hair. Lovely.

Glamour At Its Finest

Rihanna may have been the belle of the ball, but these ladies did the damn thing as well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nooka ZAZ

Nooka's newest addition to its luxury line boasts a transparent display, where the user's skin is visible beneath the bars indicating the time. This feature gives the illusion that time is being displayed directly on the wearer's wrist. It is available in black or white leather, and silver mesh for about $395 here, or here.

Halle Berry Is Like A Fine Wine

Damn this bish is bad! Talk about this is who rapper Jeff Chery was talking about in his song! Anyways, Ms. Berry in all her glory graced the March of Dames event this weekend and looked fab doing it.

CiCi Takes in a Lil Ball

Ciara took in the Atlanta Hawks vs. Nuggets game this weekend and she played babysitter to lil Kiyan (Carmelo Anthony's and Lala's son). Lance Gross was also there, looking quite yummy, as usual.

RiRi Continues with the Provocativeness

Rihanna released this photo for the cover of Wait Your Turn (The Wait is Ova) and of course it's what we would expect from RiRi these days - a bit of dark, mixed with sexy, mixed with a dash of glorified violence. *sigh* What happened to the wavy-haired lil girl who has all the kiddies singing Pon Di Replay?

Swizz Beatz the Father

Swizz Beatz has got to be one of the cutest dads. He recently TwitPic'd these photos of him and his son. Too.Adorable!!