Friday, March 19, 2010

No, Gabby Union Will Not Have Your Kids

In a recent interview with Honey Mag, actress Gabrielle Union revealed that she is 37 and doesn't see herself having kids. So if you had any hopes of knocking her up, cut it out. "I don’t think about children. I’m 37 and I don’t think about wanting kids at all or look at babies and go ‘Ooh!’ I have more of a chance of adopting animals on the street."
But on the up and up, she says she doesn't mind if you leave the toilet seat up. "You can’t sweat the small stuff. I spent so much of my marriage upset. Things like the toilet seat being up or down shouldn’t define your day. You put so much on every little thing," she says.

Red Carpet Beauties

Zoe Saldana took a trip to her father's native country, the Dominican Republic, this week to accept the honor of "Most Outstanding Artist Abroad" at the Casandra Awards. Zoe, who accepted the award in Spanish, glowed in a chiffon peachy Amanda Wakeley Spring 2010 gown.

Jenny from the block was also out and about at the Awards and TV/ movie presentation event in Vegas yesterday. She rocked an age-appropriate outfit that consisted of a chic pencil skirt and charcoal blouse and belt. She looked classy and sophisticated.

Chingy Has Three Friends...

Today's "why" post is brought to you courtesy of Chingy. Why is anyone still taking Chingy's photo? Why does it look like he only has three friends? Why does this all look like it was set up for publicity? Why does it look like they were gonna take the cake away right after the shots were taken? Why do I find these photos hilarious? *sigh* Let me stop. If you have any answers to the above "Why's" feel free to leave your thoughts and help me solve this mystery.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beyonce vs. Alicia Keys

Last night at Madison Square Garden Alicia Keys took the stage as part of her tour. It looked like a great show and then *gasp* it got even greater as the Knowles joined her on stage. Jay-Z was there to do "Empire State of Mind" while Beyonce took to the stage to perform "Put It In A Love Song". The two ladies seemed to go at the song pretty hard, so that leave the question: who ran it??

Photos: Kempin

Diddy Has An Interest in Soccer? Who Knew?

A British newspaper is reporting the Sean Diddy Combs has his eyes on a U.K. soccer team by the name of Crystal Palace F.C. Apparently the team is pretty bad off as far as debt goes and was even docked point due to the debt. If Diddy makes the purchase, the plan it to bring the team to the Premier League.

Onset with Fabolous & Some Bodies

Fab shot a video yesterday for a track off his "The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2" mixtape. The video was directed by Mills Miller and it's set to drop on Monday. It should come as no surprise by looking at the young ladies in the photos that the video is for a song called "Body Ya". But what's up with the butta face on Fab's left. Eeeek. Really?

Photos: Patrick Neree

Pac Div: Shut Up

If you don't know westcoast group Pac Div, you better get familiar. I have the feeling you'll be hearing a lot more from them in the coming months. This is their latest video for the single "Shut Up" which features The Cool Kids. The concept is pretty interesting with the guys being held hostage by a bunch of chicks in ski masks. My guess is they were pissed cause they were told to shuuuuuut uuuuuup.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amber Rose is a Busy Bee

Amber Rose has clearly stepped out from behind Kayne and become quite the fashion icon. I think she's infiltrated pop culture in a genius way (i.e. never It's fun to see her all over the place and her fashion game is almost always on point. Check out what Amber's been up to...

Ms. Rose was spotted making her way into Curve on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon to do some shopping. She rocked a Marjan Pejoski Embroidered Rider Soft Leather jacket ($1,157), which features spider web detailing with some short shorts and fab ankle boots. Love, love, love the look.

Later that evening Amber also hit up the Gen Art LA Fashion Alumni Celebration at The Roosevelt Hotel. Loving the bronze goddess look.

In between the shopping and the parties, Amber Rose also found some time to visit Nicki Minaj on the set of her first video for the song "Massive Attack". It looks like Amber will be making a cameo on the video. Fun times.

Keep Making Us Proud Ms. Fiona

A big kudos is on order for Melanie Fiona who was named the 1st female ambassador for the "Women Empowerment Initiative". The honor was presented to her last night in NYC at the "Music Unites: Empowering Women Through Music" event. Melanie looked fab, as usual and her friend Ryan Leslie came out to show support.

Ciara Sexes Up Adidas

Ciara is sexing up Adidas! She's one of the brand's spokespeople and apparently repping it well. These photos were shot at a recent ad shoot for the sportswear company.


DMX Gets Six Months

Can I get a collective SMH? Rapper DMX was sentenced yesterday to six months in the slammer for a probation violation. If you remember, last week DMX was arrested for the violation. He could get out sooner if he's accepted into a drug rehab program. Lawd, you know Dr. Drew from "Celebrity Rehab" was all over this. He offered to assist in getting X clean. Something doesn't seem right about that. I dunno. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Daddy Daycare: Dame Dash Edition

Dammmmmn Dame, is that you?? Not the same Dame that was always boppin on stage with Jay huh? Dame Dash was recently spotted on the streets of NYC with his youngest daughter, Tallulah Dash. The little girl is super cute but is it wrong to stay that she looks a teeny bit stush? Maybe she takes after her mommy Rachel Roy. Either way, cute.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Is In The Air

So I guess Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz won't be taking the Beyonce/Jay-Z approach of no PDA. Now that the two made their first public appearance as a couple last night, there won't be anymore sneaking around from the looks of it. Alicia was the host of last night’s Gotham Magazine’s Annual Gala at Capitale last night. They held hands, laughed, snuggled and I've never seen Alicia look so happy. I know there's a lot of behind the scenes drama surrounding their relationship, but I'm kinda sorta happy for em.

Dying, I Mean Lying, to Stay Relevant

Last week we reported that Stacey Dash was on Wendy Williams raving about her new reality show. Well, it seems that we underestimated her desperation to stay relevant. It turns out that VH1 called Wendy's show after Stacey was on and told her people that they had shot a pilot with Stacey. But, it WASN'T picked up. Can you say whomp mutherfu*ken whomp? Epic cougar fail.

Was Everyone at Katsuya?

Last night La La, Ciara and Drake were all spotted leaving Katsuya in L.A. The only mystery is whether Drake was dining with the ladies. He left alone, while CiCi and her BFF left together. However, Ciara did take to Twitter after her dinner to tweet, "Jam of the week for me has been: Say Something by Timbaland and Drake..I turn my radio on full blast! im gon need you to say some’n baby!" Coincidence?
P.S. Drake needs to work on his "paparazzi-ready" face

Nicki Minaj's Barbie World

The mistress of the Young Money crew is truly living in a Barbie World, and she has clones. And I dont mean the basic chicks who put pink in their hair and more weave in their bangs than the rest of their head, I mean actual video clones. LoL. The chicks were all decked out in pink in the middle of some desert for the video "Massive Attack". The song is Nicki's debut single and the video is being directed by the legendary Hype Williams.

Beyonce Tries to Explain the Hot Mess That is "Telephone"

Last week Beyonce and Lady GaGa dropped their collaboration video for "Telephone". It was supposed to be epic and revolutionary. It was supposed to change pop culture as we know it. Instead, it raised a lot of eye brows. Well, Beyonce has taken it upon herself to explain the video, telling L.A. radio station Power 106:
“The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me. It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world in a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point. It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that. In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

Um....okay Bey. It really sounds like you were makin ish up as you went along cause I don't get it. How are you going to erase pop music as we know're gonna get rid of MJ's legacy? I would've respected her a lot more had she just said they were trying too hard and she used her sexuality to get attention. If you forgot what the video was like, or haven't seen it....check it out:

CreamWorld Weekly Horoscopes: Week of March 15

Cerise is a personal life coach. To book an appointment with Cerise please contact her at 416-722-5233 or check out Don't forget to follow Cerise on Twitter @cerisefairfax

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Go out and experience more adventures. Enjoy the theatre, attend special events or just chill with a good friend. Whatever you decide to do, add passion to your action and you will have an unforgettable time.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Somebody has a particular interest in you. It is not that they want to use you, rather, they would like to utilize your skills. When you are approached by a job hunter, a neighbour or even a family member, and asked to offer your dedication to a project without pay, do not overthink the situation, Instead, oblige, with your conditions, if you are able.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Your innocence will shine this week! People will yearn more of your time and crave your attention. Do not feel guilty if you would rather some 'alone time' because, Gemini, peace of mind this week will help to set off a wonderful seven days next week.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Smile! Happiness is on the rise.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
Make time for yourself and meditate at least 5 minutes per day. Your mind and body will thank you throughout the day by keeping you balanced. Your moods will not shift as easily, and your judgments will not be as harsh.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Allow nature to take its course. Rushing things and hollering to get them done your way without displaying patience shows a great deal of immaturity. Plus, Virgo, keep in mind that when a situation is allowed to unfold naturally the outcome has a far greater chance of being fruitful.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Dating is a funny thing. It does not always lead to marriage. During life we meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Not everybody we meet will be in our life forever. So, experience fun times and just go with the flow. In time you will realize if this person is a lifetimer. If they turn out to be a seasonal lover, then express acceptance and move forward. Your lifetimer will come, you may need a little loving in between.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Watch your health and keep an eye on your diet, otherwise your energy level will go way low and cause moodiness at best, or quarrels at worse.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Your life is unfolding at a pace that is conducive to a healthy destiny. Do not fear, have faith. Oh, and, Sagittarius, do not worry about money. Things will work themselves out.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Breathe in, breathe out and do not allow any foolish people to knock you off path. Being rude to them will only bring your intellect down to their level. Instead, hold your tongue, bare their stupidity and grin. When you get home just wooosaaah!

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)
Your plans for the future will only get bright if you start turning the lights onto your ideas.

Pisces (Feb 19- March 20)
Pisces, follow your heart. If you are working a job you do not like and you want to venture into business ownership, now would be a good time. Line your ducks up and POW!

Monday, March 15, 2010

RiRi Supports Her BooBoo

Looks like Rihanna and Dodger's baseball player Matt Kemp are still gooooood friends. RiRi was spotted at the entrance of the Dodger's Spring Training game against the Rangers yesterday. Well isn't that cute? She apparently also met his family recently at a fundraiser for autism.
BTW, don't you HATE RiRi for that perfect toned tummy? Damn u bish.

Photos: Vin Scully is my Homeboy

Chris Luv The Kids, The Stalkers Love Chris

Chris Brown was recently spotted in Harlem at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School reading to a bunch of 3rd graders. Can we say "damage control"? Dude is exhibiting some interesting behaviour, begging fans for support, returning to Twitter to get attention. SMH....
Looks like he was camera ready for each shot, we wonder if he even really read a book. More pics on the flippy.

In other Chris Brown news....his fans are showing that their riding for their boy by tattooing ish on themselves. F'in dummies. First of all, how old are you? Cause if you were 18+ I would hope you had more sense. 2nd of all, you're gonna regret that in like 2 months. SMH.