Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nike Dunk Hi "Homer Simpson"

Nike releases a new Dunk Hi colorway reminiscent of everyone’s favorite cartoon dad, Homer Simpson. A Voltage Yellow and Midnight Blue capped off with orange laces results in an overall pleasing color scheme. Perforated side panels add extra flavor. Now available at Ltd-Online.

80s Throw Back!

Taz Arnold drops a couple new accessories through his TI$A label. Bringing back classic 80’s luxury, TI$A outfiited a pair of black and yellow Cazal 951s with an original red and white strap. Simple snapback caps with WEED or BLOW printed up front round out the drop. The caps come in black, white or a mixed colorway. Now available at

WTF of the Day

Last month Rihanna was in a bit of hot water for tattooing employees at a New York tattoo parlour without her license. Now her ex Chris Brown was spotted tattooing the same person, owner of the shop, a dude name Bang Bang. HUH?

Photos: OK Magazine

Daddy & Daughter Night

Ludacris took his daughter, Karma, to Nobu’s last night. Props to him for taking care of his. All the men out there just buying Pampers and calling themselves daddies, take notes.

When In Vegas....

We guess Beyonce felt the need to pile on even more makeup, bring up the bigger booty pads and put in a longer weave for her Vegas show. Considering that her usual concert getups are a bit much, this is down right scary.

Looking Cute

Kerry Washington hit up a party in NYC last night. Her outfit was on point, the plain pulled back hair...not so much. We get that she was trying to achieve simplicity. But we're not sure it works with the outfit. What do you think?

Why Does Wheel Chair Jimmy Continue To Haunt Drake?

First Drake tore his ACL, then came the dreaded BET performance, now he's injured himself again. Despite announcing that he would not be performing his own set during the tour with Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Souljah Boy and Jeremih, Drake was performing "Best I Ever Had" when he slipped on stage. It's being reported that he will be having surgery for the injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Friday, July 31, 2009

SUPRA TK Society: X-Games Colorway

Limited Edition iPhone 3G Diamond Deluxe Gold

This edition of the iPhone is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. It comes wrapped in 24K gold and an integrated 18K Gold Sayn Design crown, which is decorated with 0.20 carat brilliant cut diamonds.
The Apple logo is also made out of 18K pure gold with 53 diamonds in brilliant cut set which are altogether 0,50 carat.
The gilding is covered by a nano-technology surface to make sure that the shiny gold is scratch-proof.

Talon Knuckle Buster Ring, $110

High Fashion Meets High Tech

Hermes is throwing its weight into the phone accessory pool in a big way with its Bluetooth headset. The headset is designed by Emmanuel Laffon de Mazeres and made from super lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum and supple leather. It features a custom-built silicon earring, molded over your ear to make it very convenient to wear. It's also able to charge wirelessly just by placing it on its circular base. The headset comes in 6 different colors. No pricing is available at this time.

Camera Whores Add "Authors" To Resume

As if whoring it out for the cameras on a regular basis wasn't enough, now Heidi and Spenser, of The Hills reality TV fame, are adding authors to their totally random resume. The two are releasing a book called How to be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture. We wish we could say we were joking. The book will details how to "Play the Villian" or "Play the Bombshell", among other topics.

Spotted: Kelis & Knight

Kelis was already photographed around NYC with her newborn. It's only a matter of time before photos of Knight are "leaked" to the media.


Spotted: Tyra in Soho

Tyra Banks was spotted in Soho yesterday on her model tip. Still lookin great!

Another Day, Another RiRi Sighting

Rihanna was spotted in Soho yesterday. Looking cute as always. We're starting to think this chick has no idea what "staying in" means.

Eminem Strikes Back Against Mariah & Nick

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jimmy Choo Fall 09 Ad Campaign

Recession-Friendly Marc Jacobs

This cute little bag from Marc By Marc Jacobs only costs $198. The color of this is awesome, and it’s a really great size for every day.

Balenciaga Fall 2009 Shoe Collection

Balengica's Fall 2009 collection is a lot of sole for the shoes lover's soul. But the company went left with a rubber platform that looks a bit like an exaggerated sneaker sole. This unique platform, in combination with the rounded top of the heel, make for a very cool profile. And, since the sole of the shoe is rubber, it's probably easier to walk in!

Reebok Pump Graphlite & Omni Lite Monochrome

Is Reebok making a comeback? These kicks from the company would imply yes! Although the newspaper design on just about any piece of clothing has been tried and tested before, it works on these. The kicks were designed by artist Rolland Berry who is popular for his technique in proactive silk screen.

Baby Supras

Awwww even your baby can be stylish in these Skytop Supras, which attendees at the Agenda tradeshow were given a sneak peek of. The Skytop for your tot will be ready to go in metallic gold/silver and all white.

Baby Phat Fall 09 Ads

Check out the new Fall 2009 ad campaign for Baby Phat. Can you spot Kimora's daughters in the first photo? They're growing up so fast!