Friday, April 2, 2010

T.I. Talks About Being Free

T.I. interviewed himself yesterday and posted it on his site. T.I. talks about being in jail and how it has changed him. Peep the video and some soundbites below. This is T.I.'s first video interview since getting out of jail.
“I’m happy to be home. I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I learned a lot, grew a lot. Now, I think it’s time to put all that to good use.”

“I didn’t write too much. People might have thought I was doing a lot of writing, but I didn’t write that much. I didn’t get a lot of time to. It was a lot of activity around me, so I really wasn’t motivated to create.”

“I want to maintain the level of success I’ve been fortunate enough to do over and over again over the years. This album is different in many ways. I think that Paper Trail was a lot more about thoughts; this is more about feelings. This is significantly more aggressive, or at least at this period in production. Who knows? I can do 10 love songs tomorrow and change the direction. At this point, right now, it’s going hard. It’s going hard like classic T.I.”

JHud, Please Don't Overdo It

Looks like the folks over at Weight Watchers may have a new spokesperson. It seems they've been helping Jennifer Hudson drop that baby weight. She looks fantastic now, and this seems like a great weight for her. If she loses anymore she runs the risk of looking like a bobblehead...ya'll know what I'm talking about. Jen, you look fantastic.

Janet Jackson: Nothing

Here's Janet Jackon's latest video for the song "Nothing" off the "Why Did I Get Married Too" soundtrack. The move hits theaters tomorrow. The video is your basic soundtrack video, with scenes from the movie weaved into it. It did make wanna see the movie though. Not crazy about the Hammer pants janet is wearing, looks like a saggy diaper as she walks. She does look lovely overall though.

Waka Flocka, Diddy & Ricky Ross: Oh Let's Do It

First of all, let me say that Waka Flocka Flame is the best rapper name EVER. LoL. It's just so much fun to say! Either way, Waka Flocka dropped his video for the "Oh Let's Do It" remix, you know the one where Diddy spits the hardest verse someone else ever wrote for him....I mean. Anyways, it's your regular ol' hood video but enjoy nonetheless.
P.S. Is it me or he Waka Flocka kinda sorta cute? *Kanye shrug*
P.P.S. Whose child is that at the end? SMH

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Nicki Minaj hit the 106 and Park stage to debut her "Massive Attack" video. And I guess hooker is the new black cause Nicki has the look down heavy. The white skin tight dress, the boots, the green Lil Kim wig. Of course the Young Money mistress showed off her assets as well. Do you thing girl.

Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ass...

Well, it didn't take long for Kim to find herself a replacement dude. Just kiddddding. The reality TV star was with her body guard in Miami recently after packing up her ish and getting outta Reggie's house. Here's how Life & Style is reporting it.
Instead of planning her dream wedding to one of the NFL’s most sought-after players, reality television star Kim Kardashian has packed her bags instead and reportedly moved out from the Hollywood Hills home she shared with now ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Kardashian made a tearful exit from the sleek $5.1 million dollar mansion she shared with the New Orleans Saints star, leaving her troubled relationship behind her. Previous reports have indicated that Bush had cheated on the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star.
According to friends, Kardashian is moving on with her life, despite haven just broken up with her long-term love. “Kim’s not heartbroken,” an insider tells Life & Style. “Her attitude’s healthy.” The insider continues: “The split for awhile, then they tried their best to make it work again. It didn’t work. They remain friends.”
Meanwhile, the Hollywood beauty was spotted catching a flight to Miami where she was to be reunited with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. She is set to move in to her newly purchased five-bedroom Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills villa in April after renovations on the property are completed.

Ashanti's Sister Says Aaaaah

Nothing says 21 like getting twisted with your mom and older sister. And that's just what Ashanti's little sister Shia did for her birthday ast night at Chateau Briand in Carle Place, NY. Shia is the little voice we all heard on Ashanti's first album telling her she was proud of her. Don't know what she's been up to since then but she's clearly a fan of skin-tight dresses and a lil Juelz Santana love. Do you Ma.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nikki's Ass Attack..... Er I Mean Massive Attack

Amidst division on whether the song is dope or not, Nicki Minaj has released a visual to her debut single "Massive Attack". The vid, which was directed by Hype Williams, features lotsa pink, lotsa ass, lotsa jungle/desert creatures, and lotsa animated face from Nicki. And not enough Amber Rose. Not only that, but it feels like the first minute of the vid is just the lambo driving in the desert *yawn*. Oh, that dude on the hook...that's Sean Garrett who recently admitted that Nicki wasn't crazy about keeping him on the song, I say she shoulda gone with her gut.
p.s. Is it just me or is Nicki showin of her assets an awful lot lately? Ima leave that one alone.

All The Bloody Details...

Oh dear! Tiger's messy (this time literally) affair details continue to be exposed. This time Vanity Fair has a report from a diner waitress named Mindy Lawton, who met Tiger when she was serving up meals to him and his wife. Lawton not only says that she and Tiger went at it in his house but also that he doesn't care if...ummm Aunty around. Apparently one time Tiger called the diner and it was on and poppin....
They met up that night and ended up having sex at his house. She said he purred, “You have a perfect body.”
Lawton said she grabbed his penis. “Wow,” she said. “It was the biggest I’ve ever seen.” She said the superstar golfer was nonstop with his sexual demands. One time, they didn’t even make it into his house, she said. As they were entering through the garage, he made a grab for her near one of his golf carts, and they had sex on the spot, she said.
Another time, he insisted on meeting her right before a big golf tourney in 2007. “He wanted that last piece of booty before he could go to his tournament. To make him shoot better,” she said. They met in a parking lot. She said she told him she was having her period and asked if they could avoid intercourse. But Tiger would not be denied, Lawton said. She said they started going at it next to the golfer’s Cadillac SUV. “He told me to pull my underwear down and pull out my tampon, and we went at it with me pressed up against his Escalade,” she said. “He did it from the back.”

Meagan Good Chops her Hair

Actress Meagan Good was spotted out in West Hollywood last night sporting a shot new do and looking cute as ever. For a while this chick was a hot mess to me not carrying purses, ciggies fully on display but these new shots of her are cute. Plus the bish has the purple Blackberry Curve that they don't have in Canada. Unless that's just a skin, but it could it be. Damn her. LoL.

Photograph:© © David Tonnessen,

Yesterday on...106 and Park....

How can you not love the eclectic beauty that is Erykah Badu? Who else do you know who would show up on 106 and Park dressed in sweats, combat boots and a top hat?? LoL. Love it. Ms. Badu talked about her controversial "Window Seat" video and the meaning of it.
Also appearing on 106 and Park yesterday was Atlantic's newest recruit, Diggy Simmons. Lil dude spoke on his deal and the freestyle that essentially got him signed. He also spoke about JoJo and him possibly collaborating on some music. Oh and he spit a lil freestyle for dat ass. You think he could do for hip-hop's youngins what Justin Beiber is doing for pop?

Photos: Andrea

Ciara Teams Up With the Boys

Yesterday, a collaboration between Ciara and The-Dream hit the net. The song is called "Speechless" and folks are torn whether it's leaving them speechless cause it's so good or cause it's so bad. Click here to listen and download. The song is most-likely a buzz leak or single from her upcoming album.
Before CiCi releases that she's also releasing another single off her last album. The song is "Ride" and features Ludacris. The two recently shot a video for it and apparently someone taped some "behind-the-scenes". The video is more like "I don't wanna get caught taping cause I don't have permission but I wanna leak the ish online" Check it out.

Behind The Scenes: Ciara and Ludacris - Ride It from Mack Sound-Savvy on Vimeo.

Oh Dear....Remember Them?

Some of you Youngins might be like "Who in the hell are these guys?" I don't blame you. Well, their name is Drul Hill and no they didn't always look this run down. See the little dude in the hat? That's Sisqo and the ladies used to go nuts for him. He even went solo at one point. And the dude with the mohawk...I dunno what happened to him or who sports mohawks anymore but that's Nokio. He was a cutie too and has a baby with radio personality Angie Martinez. The other two don't matter but they're Jazz and a new member named Tao. Either way, they're apparently releasing an album and have a lot of folks wondering why. *sigh* Either way, that's the history lesson of the day kids.

Photos: Nunez

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dallas Wants Erykah to Put Her Clothes On

Unless you've been living under a rock you would know that Ms. Erykah Badu recently stripped down, and I do mean down, for her video "Window Seat". Well, it seems that the good folks of Dallas, TX aren't happy about it. An official with the City of Dallas says the video was filmed without proper permits and a spokesperson with the police department says Badu could have been arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Some residents were also quoted as saying it was irresponsible for her to shoot such a video at the site which JFK was assassinated.
I guess the Queen of Neo Soul has accomplished what she set out to do....get people talking! In other Erykah Badu news, her latest album "New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh" drops today! Check out the video below if u missed it the first time it made its internet rounds:

Kelis is Moving On...

Kelis is taking Mya's advice and is moving onnnn (google it Youngins)! And she's moving right onto Sanaa Lathan's ex boyfriend, Chicago Bear football player Wale Ogunleye. According to Internet reports, the two have already gone public with their relationship even though Wale just ended a 4-year relationship with Sanaa. Dude was even at a dinner party Kelis hosted in Miami this past weekend. They weren't photographed together but this white dude conveniently took photos with both of them in the same outfit, with the same background..nuff proof for us. LoL. We'll see how this develops.

Usher ft. OMG

On the day his latest album "Raymond Vs. Raymond" drops, Usher also releases yet another video....what is this like his 10th for the album? Either way, its from the song "OMG" which features of the Black Eyed Peas. Are those the same lasers they used in the "Yeah" video?? Are those the same dancers from the "Lil Freak" video?? Are those the same dance moves from "Caught Up"? You get the point, seems old boy recycled some video concepts for this one.

Janelle Monae Goes Back In Time...

For her latest video "Tight Rope" ft. Big Boi, Janelle Monae takes it back in time. It's not anything unusual for the eclectic artist who is pretty old skool in her style and whatnot. Looks like a fun video nonetheless. The full version premiers tomorrow, here's a preview for now.

The Ladies of SWV Still Got It!

Oh, how I long for the days of SWV (long nails and all...I see you Coko)! Well, I might just get my wish cause according to Coko the group, who still performs together, will be recording an album this year. In the meantime, the ladies hooked up with Derek Blanks for a classy and grown photoshoot. Love it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Drake's Release Date....

Toronto's favourite son has finally been given a release date for his "Thank Me Later" debut. The album drops on May 25, according to Rap-Up. Drake has been in the studio with a who’s who list of collaborators including Jay-Z (“Light Up”), Kanye West, The-Dream (“Shut It Down”), Sean Garrett, and Boi-1da, who produced the first single “Over", which is currently No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Drake will travel across the country performing material from the album on his first headlining trek, “The Away From Home Tour,” kicking off April 9 at Penn State University, and wrapping in Houston on May 20, a few days before the record’s release.

Kelis: Acapella

After dropping Nas and all the baby weight Kelis is back with a brand-new video for her song "Acapella" off the album "Fleshtones." Kelis is experimenting with a very house sound and I gotta say, I am loving it! The video boasts a very tribal theme and Kelis is a warrior princess of sorts. Lots of bright colors and seductive imagery round out the dope vid.
P.S. Is that Nas's kid at the end?? Cute!

New-Found Confidence??

Is it just me or has Alicia Keys gained a new confidence or, for lack of a better word, swagger? Seems to me that since Ms. Keys and Mr. Beatz made their debut as a couple this chick has been glowing. The singer hosted her official concert afterparty with the 400 Club at Dolce Nightclub over the weekend in South Beach, Miami. She dressed casually with a cute LV scarf.

Click Click Flash

Mya recently took some portrait-type photos, and she looked smashing in red. The photos are apparently for Elle, but I gotta ask...what the hell does Mya have going on these days aside from loving the frilly dresses?

Fabolous: Body Ya

LMAO at people walking dead as Fab walks by. I dont even have words.