Friday, March 26, 2010

Toilet Humour....

Recently Diddy started a Vodka war when he declared, "If you're not drinking Ciroc, you're drinking pee pee." Major vodka companies are firing back. Yesterday Martin Silver, the owner of Georgi, sent over a toilet filled with bottles of Ciroc to Diddy's offices. The plan to enter the building with, was thwarted by Diddy’s security, who looked like a FOI guys (google it kids). Diddy's people did, however, throw toilet paper out one of the office windows. Check the hilarity below.

Judge Questions Keyshia Cole's Literary

Soooo not only was Keyshia Cole made to pay $160,000 in damages to a promote, the judge also questioned her literacy. Read the very harsh words of the judge, as reported by TMZ.
Keyshia Cole was ripped apart by a judge in New Jersey yesterday — a judge who called the singer’s testimony “nonsensical” and then questioned her literacy. Cole — a platinum-selling artist — was being sued by an event promoter who claims she blew off an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front. The judge not only ruled against Cole, but she blasted the singer in her written opinion, saying Cole’s testimony was “confused and at times nonsensical.”
But the judge’s biggest shot: Cole appeared so reluctant to read certain documents while testifying, “that it appears at times that she was not literate.” Eventually, the judge realized Cole was literate — when Cole managed to read documents that she thought helped her case. Ultimately, Cole was ordered to fork over nearly $160k in damages.

Page Vs Drake...What's Beef??

Let the beef begin. The screw face capital of the world (Toronto) is at it again. A rapper can't get no shine without haters coming at him or her. This is could get ugly because both Big Page (a local Toronto rapper who originally did the song "I'm Still Fly) and Drake apparently know personal stuff on each other. One of those things is that apparently Drake pressed charges against someone who robbed him last year. Big Page posted the apparent court documents on his Twitter yesterday....

He followed the TwitPic with these tweet:
DRAKE is a snitch ass ni*ga.... Him and all his boys... How u gonna rep toronto on a big scale and be a snitch at the same time???

And yes call me a hater .... Cuz fucking HATE that dude.... Let it be known

I'm on the beach trying to enjoy myself... Then I hear drake pulled some stunts lastnight on my brother last night... That ni*ga is OVER

That n*gga is a straight up snake... How do u go from asking my me For loans and asking me to borrow my chain... To try and get me jumped

If you ask me, those are some pretty serious allegations being thrown around. Drake's producer Boi-1da tweeted some ambiguous tweets that SEEMED directed at the situation. But you can never be's what he had to say....
LOL @ Disgruntled "whack" toronto rappers looking for attention.

#LOLat rappers that beg for beats for beats but can't pay for them, and act like they got money when another man buys all your things lol

#LOLat rappers getting managers to write their verses for them.

Rick James....Bisssssh!

Now ya'll know we can't deny the neo-soul queen that is Erykah Badu. But we sure as hell can ask, "WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING WITH THIS GET-UP???" The hair, the beads in the hair, the sunglasses. Did I mention, the hair??? It's all leading us to believe that she was channelling the one, the only....RICCCCCKKKKK JAMES (bitch).! LoL.

T.I. Is a Free Man

After serving his time, T.I. is finally a free man. Today, the rapper completed his jail sentence, of which he spent 23 days in a haflway house in Atlanta. However, there are a few conditions to his freedom. He will now be placed on 23 days of supervised release that consists of:
1) 11 pm curfew
2) 400 community service hours
2) 3 years of probation.

Does that mean no T.I. appearances in Canada any time soon?? Booooooo

Ludacris, Trina, Diamond, Eve, Nicki: My Chick Bad

Luda's bad chicks were out in full force for the remix to the original. Eve, Diamond, Nicki Minaj and Trina were all present for the remix video and each of them is bad in her own right. The concept isn't crazy but each lady gets her moment to shine and there's a few celeb cameos sprinkled in.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Original Bad Bish is Baaaack

Aside from going through baby mama drama with Nas, Kelis is still that bish. She's dropping her video for the song "Acapella" on March 29, but until then you can feast your eyes on this preview! The video looks siiiiiiick. There's a bit of a tribal theme and dope imagery.

Video via SoundHustle

Usher & Nicki Minaj: Lil Freak

LOL...why did the beginning of this video remind me of Dirty Dancing when Baby first discovers that little hole in the wall where all that grindin and ish goes down? Except they're *gasp* gambling and drinking? Why does homegirl look so scared??
The dancers in the video go in though. Overall, it's cool.

Lance & Eva Call It Quits

I dunno bout ya'll, but I liked these two together. However, yesterday, they offered up a joint statement that they were no longer together, just months ahead of their July 17 wedding date. Here's the statement (via a publicist):
“Lance Gross and Eva Marcille have mutually decided to end their relationship. The split is completely amicable.”
Rumours had been swirling since around the time of the Superbowl that they had been on the outs and had a huge argument that weekend. In recent days Lance has been posting odd tweets like "It's amazing the things you discover after the fact", while Eva recently tweeted, "I will always love u...WH". Today Lance finally tweeted, "Yes, the split is real." sad.

A Couple That Gets Pedis Together...Stays Together?

After being spotted with Bow Wow a few times earlier this month, Angela Simmons insisted she was not back together with the rapper. Then rumours surfaced that she was actually with Rob Kardashian. Again, Angela denied the claims.
Yesterday paps caught the two together getting mani-pedi's. How precious! I guess they're just good friends, who get their toes and fingernails right together. Or maybe the saying changed from "a couple that prays together, stays together" to "a couple that gets pedis together, stays together."

50 Cent Wants Three Wives

I've always found 50 Cent's quotables hilarious. He recently visited MTV UK to chat it up and was asked who he would marry, kiss and avoid out of Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Rihanna. His answer? Pure hilarity.
“I would kiss Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I would marry Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Africa, I’d have 3 wives! And I would avoid wearing condoms and have really big families!”

LMAO. He's such a fool!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who Exactly is Luda's Real-life Chick?

Ludacris has been spotted with a mysterious young lady lately and blogger Sandra Rose believes she's gotten to the bottom of who the chick is. Check out what she's reporting:
Sources say Luda’s fiancee’s name is Eudoxie and she’s a bilingual med student from Africa who speaks French fluently. She’s a student at the University of Miami and she’s super smart, and very low key. Luda often flies her into Atlanta to spend weekends with him at his home. And when she’s not hitting the books, she accompanies Luda to NBA games and attended his concerts while he was on tour with the Black Eyed Peas.
Additionally, Eudoxie’s Facebook page is private and she updates her statuses in French. She doesn’t mention Ludacris’ name on her FB page, but she does refer coyly to a “you know who.” Prior to snagging Luda, Eudoxie dated a NBA player
Hmmm wonder which NBA player? Guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

So she's his fiance now?? Interesting indeed. We'll see how this develops.

Photos and News Source: Sandra Rose

Ludacris Teases with More Bad Chicks

Ludacris is back with another version of "My Chick Bad", this time featuring Diamond, Trina, Nicki Minaj and Eve. All the ladies look great but overall the video looks pretty much like the original version. I guess we'll see how it all comes together.

My Chick Bad Remix Video(BTS) from DTP TV on Vimeo.

Papa Knowles, You ARE the Father

Well, I feel like Maury tearing open that yellow envelope and announcing, "The results are in...when it comes to Baby Nixon, ARE the father". Beyonce would burst into tears, Solange would just stare in disbelief and Tina would storm off-set while Matthew just sat there like, "Ah, fuck." Seriously though, according to TMZ, the DNA results do show that Matthew Knowles fathered the child of Alexsandra Wright. Matthew has been paying $8,200 a month in temporary child support. That number is gonna go through the roof just now.

Casual Fab at the Sony Ericsson Open Kick-Off Party

A few celebs came out yesterday to celebrate the kick-off party for the Sony Ericsson Open. Mel B., Serena and Venus Williams and Pharell were all in the building. A few observations, if I may. Mel B. is a bad bish, the shaved head thing is kinda cute on her. Serena REALLY needs to change her wig game up, there's no excuse. And I don't get Pharrell's "Dirty Sanchez" stache. But, hey, to each their own.

Jeff Chery: Going Against The Grain

We've reported on rapper Jeff Chery's releases "Milf" and "Zone Out", among others. Now, Jeff releases his street album "Going Against the Grain." Executive produced by the artist, Devin Andrew “P Haze ” Welch and DJ Z, the project compiles 12 fresh records from the Atlanta-based rapper. Going Against the Grain comes backed by the boardwork of such beatsmiths as J. Hot, Jimmy Chiba and Ique (along with several instrumentals by P. Haze) and features guest appearances by Ray Lavender, Harlems Cash, Honey and Lykke Li.
Download "Going Against The Grain"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Performances

Drake took to MTV's Sping Break stage to perform his official debut single "Over" for the first time on TV. You KNOW some of those chicks in the audience watched him on Degrassi. LoL. Nice to see people going word for word though. Good on ya Drake. Hope the knee is well! Stage presence still needs work and he probably would've been better off doing "Best I Ever Had".

Ludacris brought out Ms. Nicki "I'm Everywhere you look" Minaj for a performance of their collabo "My Chick Bad". The best part though? The Beckys screaming when Luda raps "Come out swinging like Tiger Wood's wife". LMAO. WTF? Too funny

NY-Z Doc

Directed by Danny Clinch, this 15-minute documentary about Jay-Z is presented by Absolut Vodka. The doc explores Jay-Z's inspirations, the Blueprint 3, his Sept. 11 benefit concert,among other things — all with some dope imagery. Not sure why it's coming out now, nor does it break new ground as far as Jay-Z history/facts, but it's still interesting to watch.

Usher & Nicki Tease Us...

Some sexy dancing, some cool dark lighting, Nicki Minaj in a black and white wig, some friendly female competition (oh wait, is that some girl on girl action instead?). Meh, cool preview "Little Freak" for what it is. Nothing revolutionary.

Monica's Still Got It!

Monica hit up 106 and Park yesterday to co-host the show with Terrance. She rocked a cute army inspired outfit and looked lovely as ever. As we all know, Monica is going through a breakup with the father of her children and has been doing a great job of staying strong in the public eye. Monica's album drops today, make sure you support great music and pick it up!
The singer also took it back on 106th with a performance of her hits from throughout her career, including my personal fav "One of Them Days". Love, love, love that track! Most of the kiddies in the audience probably had no idea they experienced classics. This chick can SANG though!

Why Did I Get Married Too? Red Carpet

The stars were out last night to celebrate the release of "Why Did I Get Married Too" starring Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith and more. Janet brought out her older sister Rebbie Jackson (the only Jackson who chose to stay out of the spotlight), and she looked damn good! Keep in mind Rebbie is 60! I'm actually excited to see this movie, right after I watch the first one. LoL.

Diggy Simmons Signs with Atlantic

It's official, lil Diggy Simmons (the son of the legendary Rev Run) has signed a recording deal with Atlantic Records. If that wasn’t enough, Diggy also turned 15 years old on Sunday. Probably safe to say it's the best birthday gift he's ever received. Check out the freestyle that caught the attention of label exects.

Show Stephens Is a Tease...

Toronto R&B artist Show Stephens is set to release his video for the single "So Amazing" in May. In the meantime, here's the teaser for the vid, which was directed by Will Barber. By the looks of it, dude is going for the title of the Canadian Trey Songz.

Monday, March 22, 2010

CreamWorld's Summer 2010 Fashion Sneak Peak!!!

Over the weekend CreamWorld creative staff/ glam squad (big shouts to Rohan Laylor, Roxanne DeNobrega, Maha Rishi and Rino Balzano) came together to shoot the magazine's Summer 2010 fashion editorial. The fashion editorial will run as 2 separate stories over 14 pages. These photos are raw files that have not been touched up at all. But now ya'll know we been puttin in work. CreamWorld is in full effect!

T.I. The Family Man

Now that he's back on the other side of the bars, T.I. is putting in time as a family man. He was out with Tiny and his soon-to-be-stepdaughter Zonnique for her 14th birthday celebration. The party went down at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta. His kids look really happy to have their dad around. All the best to Tiny and T.I., who are planning their wedding.

Photos: Freddyo

Beyonce Heats Up The Perfume Market

Well, well, well, when Beyonce puts something out it's clear that the fans SUPPORT their girl. According to Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren, Beyonce's scent "Heat" racked in $3-million during the one day that Beyonce was at Macy's signing autographs. That's $72,000 bottles sold in one day. Ow!

India.Arie Sounds off About "Telephone"

India.Arie took to her Twitter over the weekend to voice her opinion on the Beyonce/ Lady Gaga collabo for "Telephone". She isn't happy with the naked imagery and how the video disregards social responsibility. Check out some of the tweets and then enlarge the bottom 2 images to see the full array of Tweets.
Don’t be offended this is all MY opinion… Am I the only one who thinks the “Telephone” video is going a bit too far?

I’m not referring to the abstract nature of the video … I’m talking about the IMAGERY – the unspoken back story, the language the message

I agree gaga is being her image .. I dig her creative mind But still … There’s a such thing as socially irresponsible… I’m just sayin.

Its not long before somebody does a straight NAKED video. Not like Alanis morrisette “thank you india” like NAKED dancing around. LOL hahaha

Let’s be CLEAR! I know it gaga M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsibility

There’s an artist ever 10 years who pushes the envelope … but its bout to fall off the Table. When is it too far?

I respect the creative mind but disagree with the “choices” as a dish meant to be served for mass consumption ..

Crazy to me that the Dark, underbelly, so shock at all cost thing is a TREND like asymetrical hair and big shoulder jackets .Slippery slope!

CreamWorld's Director of Photography Shoots Commercial

CreamWorld's Director of Photography, Rohan Laylor of Phat Dog Visuals, is not only a photographer but also a visionary. He's now taking his visions and translating them into TV and movie content as a producer. Rohan recently shot a hilarious commercial for a Doritos contest. Guys, I wouldn't try this at home but it sure is funny to watch. Check out the video and then vote, vote, vote!

Click here to vote for Rohan's commercial!!!!

CreamWorld Weekly Horoscopes: Week of March 22

Cerise is a personal life coach. To book an appointment with Cerise please contact her at 416-722-5233 or check out Don't forget to follow Cerise on Twitter @cerisefairfax

Aries (March 21-April 19)
If you lie or stretch the truth, expect someone to be dishonest to you when you least expect it. What you can expect is that the dishonesty will come from someone you would least suspect.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Patience is a virtue. Remember that during the week as you work, rest and play, and conflicts will not arise. Furthermore, your entire week will run smoothly, as long as you are tolerant of others' actions.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Dot your i's and cross your t's because you are being analyzed, this week, to the fullest degree.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Has somebody made you feel good lately? Well, return the favour. If not to the person who helped you, then at least pay it forward.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
You are such a strong spirit, and most people take to your character. So, do not study the matter if somebody does not show you the respect you deserve. Just ignore his or her ignorance and keep on striding. If the ignorance affects your work performance, or emotional well being, then give it two more weeks. That is when things will change.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Focus on work, not on money.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Encourage yourself to do better. Do not watch others with an eagle eye while you wait for your future to unfold. Instead, fixate your attention on your goals. Stick to them, plan each movement and reach for your destiny!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Do not worry about rising above the crowd. Rise above yourself and you will be higher.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Commitment of love, employment or friendship is on the rise. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, because this one you will enjoy.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)
As the world evolves, so do you. Your mind, your actions and even your expectations are changing everyday. Do not worry when a goal does not unfold according to your plans. In time it will unfold into its proper form and you will gain what you were wishing for.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
If it don't fit, don't force it. Just relax and let it go.

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)
Smile! It brings joy to the face. Laugh! It brings youth to the soul.