Friday, June 11, 2010

Lil Kim Explains Nicki Minaj Beef

As we all know, Lil Kim has been dissin Nicki Minaj, A LOT lately. The other day she even said that there was more to come. And today we got just that.
In an interview with, Lil Kim explained what her beef really is. Here's an excerpt. Check for the full audio below.

“For the last year she has been subliminally taken shots at me, subliminally taken shots at the other girls in the industry. I mean come on, we read that interview where she said “Being that the other rap chicks in the game ain’t got sh*t to do right now, when I’m by the pool they can feed me grapes”. I remember that sh*t, I keep my ears to the street at all the time. Just because I do my Hollywood thing and you know my Malibu Barbie thing don’t mean my ear isn’t to the streets at all time. The last thing she did that was very subliminal “Did I [inaudible] the Queen?” and Puffy sitting right next to her riding with that bullsh*t?” Come on! We ain’t stupid....

So a little while goes by, I see her at the Lil Wayne concert and I show her love. She sitting here saying she showed me love, I showed her love. She reciprocated it but it was a little war on her behalf. A little obnoxious but whatever. Now from that time on, right, I would go on the internet and see little pebbles thrown my way. Anybody that’s in the hip-hop industry, we know how this game go. We know the sh*t she was saying was subliminal, we know it’s a competitive sport and little people are going to try to claim their spot....

My thing was, homegirl got a nice little buzz going. It’s obvious I’m who she wants to be like. It’s obvious that she likes me and wants to be like me but she’s not paying this homage

She's Such a Fu*king Lady...

Who attends a Met baseball game wearing panties and a bra, drinking brew and fingering the paps? Why Lady GaGa, of course! I mean, yes she hardly ever wears pants but seriously a baseball those dutty seats? I dunno. There's a difference between being unique and artistic and looking a damn fool. Lady GaGa crossed that line a long time ago.

Itty Bitty White Bikini

Naomi Campbell and her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin were spotted vacationing on a yacht the other day. Ms. Campbell rocked a teeny tiny white bikini and looked like she wasn't going to be throwing any phones that day. So all was well in the world. Seriously, do celebs just vacation all the time? When is the last time Naomi walked in a runway show? Oh, and wasn't dude still married recently? *le sigh* The lives of celebs are so confusing indeed.

Party People...

Celebs were out and about last night. Cassie and Kelis took in some partying with industry insider Kiran Kranser, who celebrated her birthday. Is Kiran just really short or is Kelis SUPER tall??
LoL. Meanwhile, Usher hit up the Supper club in NYC for Playboy's 50th birthday. And of course, he showed off his new-found freedom and got close to the Bunnies.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drake Admits to Getting Played By RiRi

You know you're a good journalist when you can get a celeb to open up to the point of admitting he got played by another celeb. Word to Jon Caramanica, the New York Times reporter who recently got Drake to admit Rihanna played him. You'll remember that the two got close after her breakup with Chris Brown. At that time, they both denied that anything was going down. But now, Drake has gone public about how Rihanna used!
"I don't even know if I wrote a rap song in that whole nine months," Drake said. "Because I wasn't a rapper anymore. I didn't believe in myself. I was someone else's property."

"I was a pawn," Drake told the newspaper about his time with Rihanna, which began with an invite to pen a track for the singer. "You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I've done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear. I was like, 'Wow, this feels terrible.' "

So what do ya'll think: Is Drake a big man for admitting this or a sucker?

Li Kim Confirms her Roc Status

Lil Kim is confirming what's been speculated for weeks now, that she's the latest person to sign to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.
The Queen Bee, who's been making headlines with her verbal assaults on Nicki Minaj, took time to slyly give a shoutout to her new home while on her tour bus in Baltimore. In between taunting Nicki Minaj, she threw up her diamond and shouted, "We Roc'n baby!"
She also added that her jabs at Nicki are far from over, saying that she has a “story” to tell that will explain her recent actions.
“It's gonna be part two, three and four tomorrow cause I gotta lot of sh*t to say. I gotta story to tell, I don't just go off for no reason….but stay tuned. Mine is way deeper than the cattiness, the female thing that everybody may think it is cause I showed straight love and I threw up a white flag.”

T.I. Almost Leaves Travel Papers Behind

Someone's not being careful with his "permission to travel papers". Tisk, tisk. Rapper T.I. was almost grounded recently in NYC. According to NY Post’s Page Six, T.I. dined with rapper Gucci Mane and actress/model Selita Ebanks at Abe & Arthur’s on West 14th. As the dinner party got up to leave, T.I. also left his “permission to travel” papers on the table.
According to Page Six, “the document verifies that the rap star can leave the United States for a specified period. T.I. is on supervised release after doing prison time for weapons possession.” Luckily, a restaurant employee caught up with T.I.’s security and returned the papers to T.I. before he and his entourage headed downstairs to club SL. A T.I. spokesman told Page Six, “He did not leave behind any documents.”
Better be careful Mr. TIP, wouldn't want be stuck away from Tiny for too long. Then again, she'd come find ya.

Take That Train Arrives in London

Im not sure if you guys have been checking for Dirty Money. I, for one, haven't been that interested. Mind you, people did love the "Angels" and "Love Come Down" songs. So maybe they will sell records. Either way, the trio was snapped by photographers at London's St. Pancras Station. I thought their album was called "Last Train to Paris", not London. *Kanye shrug*
P.S. I like Dawn's jeans
P.P.S. Why does Kalenna always look so damn nervous and unsure of what to do?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trey Songz: Already Taken

Trey Songz stays releasing videos. After dropping the emotion-filled Yo Side of the Bed recently, he's back with "Already Taken" from the Step Up 3D soundtrack. The video features Trey's ex Helen as his leading lady. Interesting choice. Thank Goodness he didn't try dancing or anything...that would've been embarrassing. Oh wait...leading lady can't really dance and she tries. Eeeek.
P.S. Their chemistry is kinda cute though.

Beyonce's Hawt Outfit

Over the weekend Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted at the French Open final. Yesterday, they were chillin in London where Beyonce sported a hot lil sheer top. Looking good Bey. So much for all those pregnancy rumours, huh?

Lance's New Lady Friend

No more than five months after his split from fiance Eva Pigford, Lance Gross has been spotted with a new lady friend. The two hit up the party scene in Atlanta recently and Lance got his drink on. What do ya'll think...upgrade or downgrade for Lance?

Lauryn Hill to Rock the Bells

A few weeks ago when the Rock the Bells lineup was announced, there was a lot of speculation that Lauryn Hill would be one of the performers. Sadly, she wasn't. I guess Rock the Bells either wanted to keep people hanging on or Lauryn was being noncommittal, cause it was only yesterday that the event organizers confirmed Ms. Hill as a special guest. Word is that she'll perform a set with classic Fugee and Miseducation tracks. Let's hope that this proves she is ready to get back in the game. I pray she doesn't get on that stage looking crazy. The 7th annual Rock the Bells concerts take place this summer at various locations.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amber Rose: All Black+ Rumour Control Edition

Amber Rose has been spotted chillin with her bestie Dez (aka Mario's leading lady...for now) a lot lately. They recently hit up Katsuya, where Amber rocked the all black-everything look. Love, love her red bottoms. The dress is cute too.

Amber also took the time to speak on the rumours regarding her and Kanye's relationship. Skip to the 1:25 minute mark to hear Amber say, "We're still together, we're still happy. Don't listen to the media." Well, there you have it folks. Don't believe the hype. Lol @ Amber getting in the front seat of Dez's man's car. Classic.

Chris Brown Barred From Europe

It looks like Chris Brown's legal woes are preventing him from traveling to the United Kingdom and Ireland for the European leg of his Fan Appreciation concert. Now, don't get me wrong and all but WOULDN'T YOU THINK OF THIS BEFORE BOOKING CONCERT DATES? Seriously, no one on his team was like, 'Yo, we should make sure he's good since he beat up a chick and is a convicted felon."
Anywho, Chris tweeted that he had to cancel, then deleted the tweet. Now his PR group has released an official statement:
Due to issues surrounding his work visa, the Ireland and United Kingdom leg of Chris Brown’s Fan Appreciation Tour has been postponed. Chris looks forward to performing for his fans abroad in the near future and thanks them for their continued support.

Lil Kim's Got a New Gig

Is Lil Kim the new blog "it" girl? LoL. I've been throwing up blog posts about this bish for the last week or so almost non-stop. As you all know, she's got some sort of beef with Nicki Minaj, she's been spotted looking better than we've seen her looking in years. Well, now lil Kim's got a new gig as the face of Three Olives Vodka. Kim spoke on how she became the company's spokesperson: "[Three Olives] built the campaign around me, which I thought was really great. That was really awesome. I was really honored. I was amazed they even thought of me. That was [number] one. A lot of times my management finds things, but I would say 90% out of 100%, these things come to me. I’m blessed."
Oh and she's got a new book coming out, surprise, surprise. "I have my new book; it’s called The Price Of Loyalty – how ironic, right? It’s with St. Martin’s Press. We want to launch everything together so the fans have something to continuously pick up. It tells a story. A lot of times my story gets cut short [laughs]."

Christina & The-Dream Still Happily Married?

Despite not seeing them together at all recently, is reporting that The-Dream and Christina Milian are indeed still happily married. According to her, a well-placed executive at The-Dream's label denies rumours that they're breaking up. Apparently this is what the exec had to say:
Ohhh nah. She was with him a lot when they got married and the baby and stuff but now she’s working again on movies and album and he’s doing his thing. I believe all is good, they’re just busy.

Mmmhmm...we'll see about that. These two couldn't take a sh*t without consulting one another a few months ago, but now they seem to be making a lot of solo appearances. We shall keep our little CreamWorld eye on this.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lil Kim Uses 50's Formula For Comeback

Soooo Lil Kim is using 50 Cent's formula of dissing her way to the top (or as my NY Director of Operations so cleverly put it....Formula 50...get it?). Anyways, it last started last week when Ray J took to the stage during a Lil Kim show to say, without saying, that Nicki Minaj needs to pay homage and respect. Well, it went downhill from there. Here's how it's played out over the past few days:

In Hartford, CT Drake takes the stage to defend his BFF and says, "I don't give a fuck what Lil Kim or nobody else talking about. You the baddest chick to ever do this shit." Uh oh...and it's on....

Lil Kim appears on Kendra G's show and goes innnnnn on Nicki! Among other things Kim says that she just wants people to pay homage to the original black barbie and not act like they created something new. Kim also hinted that Nicki thought all of Kim's fans would just automatically drift over to the new Barbie on the block. When that didn't happen, Nicki got salty and the disrespect started. Kim said disrespecting and trying to step over her just wasn't going to work. Kim says she's "going to teach all the girls in this game who don't know how to be sophisticated ladies, how to be a sophisticated lady." She says, "It's all about respect and class."

During a concert in Baltimore Lil Kim throws darts at Diddy, who is now managing Nicki Minaj. In the clip above during the beginning of "All About the Benjamins", Kim states: “Ay, Puffy should be ashamed of his fuckin’ self!”. Kim later brought out B-More’s Keys The Problem to spit her Nicki diss freestyle. The saga continues.

Remember the good ol' days when things like this were on wax?? This ain't a rap battle, it's a chick fight.

Jay & Bey's Weekend Date

Our favourite couple was in Paris this weekend for the French Open final. Jay and Bey sat with the King and Queen of Spain in the presedential tribune for Sweden's Soderling Vs. Spain's Nadal match. They showed a little PDA and had some fun while watching the big match. The animated faces are too cute. Love love love these two.

Photos: Splash

RiRi Goes Kool-Aid Red

Rihanna took her show in Madrid over the weekend to debut a new do. The singer went from blond and sometimes black to fire (red Kool-Aid) red. She also had her hair freshly buzzed. Do we love it?

Kanye's Car Crashes in Hawaii

TMZ was the first to report that a car registered to Kanye West smashed into an unoccupied multimillion-dollar home that was under renovation in Honolulu early Saturday morning — but Kanye was not involved. Cops in Hawaii told TMZ that the accident happened around 4:00 AM. According to KITV in Hawaii, witnesses told police they saw three men running from the Porsche Panamera after the accident. Police say the car was reported stolen sometime after the accident. A call to Kanye’s rep was not returned. The turbo version of the Porsche Panamera sells for about $133,000, according to

Photo: Porsche; Mayer/WireImage

MTV Movie Award Red Carpet

Last night the MTV Movie Awards went down in L.A. and a whole gang of stars came out to the celebration. Everyone from Diddy and T.I. to Xtina and Katy Perry rocked the red carpet. Check out some of the most interesting looks: