Friday, February 26, 2010

RiRi Embraces Her Bajan Side

With the release of her "Rude Boy" video (which I am STILL obsessed with), RiRi seems to have embraced her Caribbean roots. She was across the pond recently teaching Alan Carr some dancehall movies. The more I see of her personality, the more I like the bish. This video is pure hilarity.

Conspiracy Theorists, Go In On GaGa

I KNOW Lady GaGa is gonna add fuel to the devil worship/ Illuminati fire! Why? Well, you see the contraption on her head? It looks an awful lot like the Baphomet....

What exactly is it though? The Baphomet is often associated with the Freemasons as the group's symbol of wisdom and higher intelligence through the devil. Interesting.....all I know is that the conspiracy nuts will be all over this one.


Which Simmons Sister Has Your Heart?

These two have grown up right before our eyes on their dad's show "Run's House" and matured in front of our eyes via their own series "Daddy's Girls." Now, it's time to ask the age-old question: Which Simmons sister looks better? Is it Angela with her unique style? Or Vanessa with her short, new hair do? We love both of them, do you?

Mandatory credit: Agent 47/

Rick Ross ft. Christette Michele: Mafia Music 2

Apparently this is supposed to be a prelude to Rick Ross's "Teflon Don" film, which is supposed to be released in conjunction with the album. It's kinda weird to see Officer Ricky getting all cuddly with Chrisette Michele. And, does anyone really rate him anymore?