Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today's Awkward Moment

Tiny (T.I.'s fiance) and Toya (Lil Wayne's ex wife) hit up Chelsea Lately to plug the 2nd season of their BET show "Tiny and Toya". As usual, Chelsea had lots of joke and both ladies seemed a bit flustered to be put on the spot. It's all fun and games till someone makes prison and relationship jokes. Gotta love Chelsea.

Chris Brown: A Confused Spokesperson

I was under the impression that when you become a spokesperson for something, it's because you're familiar with the cause. But this little clip of Chris Brown talking about the US Census shows that's not the case. Apparently, dude didn't even know what the census was till he was briefed. So wait, you were briefed and BAM you're rallying the cause? Oh, did I mention he hasn't even filled his out yet? Whomp Whomp, publicity stunt that's too transparent to be anything but. We don't believe you, you need more people.

RiRi Supports Her Man

Matt Kemp's personal cheerleader RiRi came to support him at his latest game. Let me find out RiRi's a baseball fan. Hmmm. Either way, cute that she was there to show love.
P.S. Blue eye shadow to match a blue hoodie....really?

Chris Rock's Advice to Tiger: Stay Away from Alicia

According to the NY Daily News, Chris Brown has a little advice for Tiger Woods. Although Im not sure why he chose Alicia Keys as the person Tiger should stay away from. You know damn well he wouldn't be interested....nuff said.
The former “Saturday Night Live” star suggested that the disgraced golf legend should not set the bar too high with his wife, Elin Nordegren. “Just say, ‘I’m going to try to do my best,’” Rock said during an interview with PBS’ Tavis Smiley, set to air on Thursday.
The funnyman, who has been married to Malaak Compton-Rock for 13 years, knows from experience about having marriage woes aired in the public spotlight. Always ready with a joke, however, Rock did suggest that should Tiger encounter “Empire State of Mind” singer Alicia Keys, cheating may be allowed.
“You never know when Alicia Keys might give you that look. What are you going to do? You’re powerless,” Rock said. “He’s like, ‘This is worth getting hit with another golf club.’

Maxwell: Fistful of Tears

Maxwell goes vintage for his latest video "Fistful of Tears". He's looking all don and dapper, as usual and the song is absolutely beautiful. Boys and girls, this is what REAL R&B sounds like!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kelis (and Judge) Show No Mercy....

Nas went to court yesterday and the judge went IN. After Kelis filed papers saying Nas hasn’t paid child support or spousal support–despite the fact he was ordered to pay her about 55K a month, the courts showed no mercy. Here's how TMZ is reporting it:
According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Nas had to immediately fork over $47,249.42 in back child support and $40,454 in back spousal support.

The judge also ordered Nas to pay $10,000/month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis.

Nas also has to pay 90% of Kelis’ legal fees in the amount of $155,787.28.

Lastly, Nas has to pay $48,549.83 to cover Kelis’ accounting expenses.

Donnis: Gone

If you haven't heard of Donnis, one of Atlantic's newest recruits, you better get familiar. The Atlanta-based artist releases his video for his first single "Gone"....a track about well being gone. LoL. You've all been there.

Panty Dropper Photo of the Day

Lance Gross + Gym TwitPic = wet wipes. That is all.

Movie Premier Fab

A bunch of celebs came out last night to celebrate the premier of "Death at a Funeral." Even Ciara and Ne-Yo came out to support the movie. All very fab indeed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drake: Over

Drake hooked up with director Anthony Mandler for his "official" visual debut (how could we forget "Best I Ever Had" though?). Either way, the concept is quite simple, Drake sits on a bed and the words in the song match the imagery either literally or metaphorically. Hm. I think I expected a bit more to be honest with you. The video is COOL but not amazing. It leans towards the artsy side of things, which a lot of artists seem to be going for these days. Do you think Drake will make an impact with the vid?
P.S. Is dude taking notes from Nicki's animated faces or is it Wheel Chair Jimmy coming out?
P.P.S. His leading lady is Roc’s newest UK chick, Rita Ora.

Where Are Your Parents?

Hm. Wow. Okay. I guess Soulja Boy thought these photos would give him some sorta cred? Cause I don't know what else he could've been thinking. To me he looks like a foolish young boy seeking attention. First of all, if you're gonna get down with Bob Marley, why do it in public? Oh right, cause you're a teen who thinks it's cool. (Do teens still think its cool?) Second of all, you're 19, put the drink down as a public figure. *le sigh*. I don't know what else to say.

Melanie Fiona: Ay-Yo

Canadian sweetheart Melanie Fiona drops a visual for her uplifiting song "Ay-Yo". The video features a gorgeous Melanie in what appears to be a tenement building, complete with a jerk landlord. It's really nice to see Melanie continue to come out with positive music. Good on ya girl!
P.S. Did you peep the cameo from Kardi?

Shift-Stick or Automatic?

Well isn't this just an "awwww" post waiting to happen. According to UK's MTV Jay-Z is teaching his little Southern Bell how to drive. I guess making hits in her teenage years kept her to busy to learn. Here's how is reporting it:
The Single Ladies singer is allegedly having lessons with Jigga early in the morning to avoid busy roads and the hoards of paparazzi that follow the couple everywhere they go.
A source close to the pair told The Sun: “Jay and Beyonce normally go out mid-morning when it’s quiet. Their bodyguards are always in tow but they never ride in the car with them.”

RiRi The Rocker

It looks like Rihanna got into the rocker mood this weekend in L.A. when she rocked (no pun intended) this skeleton onesie. Maybe she was trying to get in the spirit for her video "Rockstar 101", which she apparently shot recently. Although there's no release for it, the good ole' Twitterverse revealed that Montley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx "dissed" RiRi by declining to appear in the video. He tweeted "Rihanna just asked me to be in her video for “Rockstar.” I respectfully said no. What do you guys think?” Wonder who she got to appear instead.

Did Anyone Notice Chris Was On Stage?

I'm so curious to see if this performance will even air on BET. It was filmed for the network's annual "Spring Bling" special and it was lackluster to say the least. The chicks aren't going wild for Chris like they used to. Sure, people are taking pictures but I don't see chicks going nuts and the applause was "polite". Whomp whomp. Hang it up already.