Friday, May 28, 2010

Kanye's Baaaaack!

While you were sleeping last night Kanye West was getting ready to declare his hiatus over. He's back with a track called "Power" featuring Dwele (who had massive success with Kanye on "Flashing Lights"). "Power" has the global appeal we've come to expect from Kanye. The beat has furious drums and guitars, a bass line that body slams your ears and epic wordplay that lyrically releases his frustration. Love, love, love it!!

Kanye West featuring Dwele - Power by Hypetrak

Rihanna: Te Amo

Is there ever a time in videos where Rihanna doesn't look possessed these days? The girl on girl action in the video for "Te Amo" starts out with a woman pulling up to an castle where RiRi is holding court. The women do a seductive mating dance (lol) and then finally it's on! RiRi then takes the action outside, where she continues to look possessed. Did I mention there's also a fire? I don't get it.

Confirmation: A.Keys Pregnant & Getting Married

As if we really needed much confirmation, Alicia Keys' rep has confirmed that the R&B powerhouse is indeed pregnant and getting married to Swizz Beatz. The wedding is to take place later this year in a private ceremony. What's the sound...? Oh it's just Mashona falling the f*ck out. Last night Alicia and her finance attended the Keep a Child Alive benefit in London and she tried to disguise her baby bump under layers of frills. I guess it'll be on full display from now on. Congrats to the happy couple.

Lil Wayne: Da Da Da

Lil Wayne gets his rockstar on by performing on a Miami rooftop, Beatles style. Lots of people stop (especially the white girls...hey Im allowed to say that, I'm white) and stare at the performance. Candid and very rock star of Wayne.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

50 Is Half The Man He Used to Be - Literally

If you didn't hear yesterday, 50 Cent lost mad weight for a role in a new where he is playing a cancer patient. According to reports, the star lost an amazing 54 pounds for his upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer. He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks. Wouldn't it be messed up if it went straight to DVD? LoL....
In other 50 news, the rapper is filming a special for VH1 in which he traces his roots. It's called "50's Roots" and two days ago, Fif was spotted with his aunt in South Carolina filming for the special where he attempts to trace his family genealogy. It looks like he gained some of that weight back already.

Another Day, Another Weezy Preview

This weekend on MTV will be a Lil Wayne filled weekend. Yesterday we should you a preview of the video for Wayne's song "Knockout" ft. Nicki Minaj. Today he drops the preview for "Runnin" featuring the other female of the Young Money crew, Shanell AKA SnL. Someone planned ish out to the final detail...

Trey Songz ft. Keri Hilson: Yo Side of the Bed

Last week we told you about the new Trey Songz's video, which features Keri Hilson, for his single "Yo Side of the Bed". Here's the emotional visual in its entirety. Trey Songz definitely pulls at heart strings with this one! In it he plays Keri's husband, who is a soldier in the US military. She gets called away on duty to Iraq and he is left alone with their young daughter. They say art imitates life...this is a situation MANY American families are facing. Very sad.

Da Brat Out On Work Release

It's been years since we've seen Da Brat on camera. Well, she made a rare appearance with her close friend and long-time collaborator for his "Living the Life" web series (catch her around the 45 second mark).
Brat is currently finishing the remainder of her three year prison sentence for assaulting a woman with bottle at JD's Studio 72 Club in Atlanta. Now Brat says she's allowed to leave her Alto, Georgia prison cell to pursue a work release job making windows. Wowzers....

Loving The Look

Rihanna stepped out last night in Dublin looking totally adorable in this white dress and white pumps. She hit The Wright Venue nightclub with some friends. The singer is really living that Rockstar 101 life eh?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ludacris ft. Trey Songz: Sex Room

Luda takes it back to his freaky roots (where we love him the most, right ladies?) with his video for Sex Room featuring Trey Songz. In the video, Luda and Trey hit up Vegas where they encounter 4 unsuspecting ladies, get the drinks flowing know the rest.

Nicki and Weezy's Locker Room Date

Just as predicated, we're hardly noticing that Lil Wayne is locked up at Rikers. With videos and singles still dropping, it's like he never left. His next video is for the Nicki Minaj collaboration "Knock Out" off the "Rebirth" album. The preview shows Nicki and Weezy getting a little freaky in a locker room. It's all in good fun, we're sure. I actually like this song.

Spotted: Ciara Strolling the Streets of L.A.

Ciara was spotted wandering around L.A. yesterday, taking in the sun and doing a bit of shopping with a mystery man who turned out to be her bodyguard. *whomp whomp*. That reminds me, is she STILL dealing with 50 Cent? Whatever happened to that? It's been a while since we seen CiCi with a dude, maybe that's who she's texting. BTW, I'm not sure Im crazy about those pants with those heels. But that's just me.

The "Take That, Take That" Fam

Diddy brought his boys (stepson Quincy and his boys Justin and Christian) as well as his momma (SMH) to the premiere of his movie "Get Him to the Greek". If Christian doesn't look like a clone of Diddy, I don't know what does. I can just see little man Diddy boppin and yellin "Take that! Take that!" Too.Funny.

Photos: Granitz

Kendra's Sex Tape Isn't Affecting Her Marriage

According to Radaronline, Hank Baskett doesn't care that his wife did some freaky deaky things on cam as a teen and that that film will now be seen by the world. Here's how the website is reporting it:
A close friend of Kendra and Hank Baskett told exclusively that the sex tape has not adversely affected their marriage. “This happened when she was young. He already knew about this. She told him about this before they got married,” the friend said. “She was young and was in love with her boyfriend and thought she was going to marry him and it just didn’t turn out that way.”
The friend stressed that Hank loves Kendra and is fully aware about her past. She is seen having sex with Justin Frye, her high-school boyfriend, in the tape. Vivid expects it to be their highest-selling sex tape ever. And while Kendra publicly protested the release of the tape, privately she cashed in. And Hank is not upset with her decision, say the source.
“They are going to be just fine,” the source said.

Whatever works....I guess dollar signs are more important than your wife's integrity, huh Hank? Then again, she was dating Hugh Hef before. I retract my previous statement. As you were.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rihanna: Rockstar 101

RiRi has released her latest video for the single "Rockstar 101" and this one is gonna have people talking. Of course, it's a dark, dark video directed by Melina Matsouka, who also worked on her music video for "Hard" and "Rude Boy". Blurred images of guns, cinematography and an outfit that's reminiscent of demonic possession, spikes on RiRi's head are just some of the reasons people will continue to speculate about her Illuminati affiliations. RiRi even channels iconic guitarist Slash!

It's Officially Over....

When it comes to divorce, it ain't over till the papers are signed. Well, the papers are now signed, according to TMZ, in Nas and Kelis's case. According to the popular site, the legal docs ending their divorce procedures were finally stamped by the judge. Even though the extrememly drawn out divorce is a wrap, Nas is still fighting those $10,000 a month payments, saying he can't afford them. And there's still that issue of custody over Baby Knight. We wish them both the best of luck.

Double The Cover, Double the Fun

The covers for Eminem's comeback CD, "Recovery", have hit the net. It turns out that come June 22, you'll be able to pick and choose. Grab one or both for some Eminem fun.

LMAO Pic of the Day

Ice T's wife Coco tweeted this photo of herself and her niece. It is funny, wrong and creepy for so many reasons. Poor kid. I can't stop laughing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Brittany Murphy's Widower Dies....

In a very strange twist in the Brittany Murphy death, her widower (Simon Monjack) was found dead late Sunday night at his home in the Hollywood Hills — the same home where his wife Brittany Murphy collapsed and eventually died 5 months earlier. Both bodies were discovered by the same woman. (Poor thing!!)
Law enforcement sources say Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, found Monjack unconscious in the master bedroom around 9:30PM, and then called 911. Monjack was pronounced dead sometime after paramedics arrived … when resuscitation efforts failed. Monjack reportedly died from cardiac arrest, though nothing officially has been determined.
The similarities are remarkable . Murphy was found unconscious by her mother Sharon. Sharon found Simon unconscious as well. Murphy was found in the master bathroom. Simon was found in the master bedroom of the same home. Paramedics administered CPR to Simon. Simon administered CPR to Brittany. And they may have both died from cardiac arrest … 5 months apart.
The latest update is, law enforcement says prescription bottles were found in the house (as they were when Brittany died), but there were no illegal drugs. There is no sign of suicide or foul play … as a result LAPD has closed their investigation. It’s all in the coroner’s hands now.

Is There Any Doubt That's a Baby Bump?

Okay...I dunno about you, but these photos cleared away any doubts I had about the pregnancy rumours swirling around Alicia Keys. It looks like she has a seriously growing belly that was busting out in a semi-fitted jumpsuit that she wore while performing in Wales this weekend. The baby bump watch is officially on. She looks adorable though! Congrats to her and Swizzy!

Photos: Hussein

Date in the City

Bey Bey and hubby Jay-Z stepped out over the weekend to enjoy some lunch in the Big Apple. Jay even took the doors and roof off his jeep so everyone could see em rolling around. Judging by Beyonce's top, we know what she was craving. Dunno about the flood water jeans tho. LoL. Love these two together.

Chris Brown ft. Tyga & McCall: Deuces

If you haven't heard, Tyga of Young Money and Chris Brown collaborated on a mixtape together and this is the first single off that project. The song is called "Deuces", which I guess many people wish Chris Rock would throw up and bow out of the industry. Either way, Chris Brown sings his heart out to a girl that's doing him wrong and looks kinda menacing, which I'm not sure is a great idea at this point. Chris also krumps in the video, complete with high kicks and punches. Again, not the best idea. Oh and did I mention that McCall (whoever he is) actually mentions domestic violence in his verse?? Ugh, dude, did no one tell you who else was gonna be on the track? I have no choice but to deem this video a fail.