Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Models...You Jealous?

Yes, he's wearing his granny's wig...but WHO CARES? Look at that body! Just in case you're not a football fan, that's Terrell Owens of the Buffalo Bills looking yummy during NY Fashion Week. Mr. Hard Body walked in the A*Muse Fall/ Winter 2010 collection and looked good enough to eat doing it.

(Photo by Moises De Pena/WireImage)

JHud (and her wig) Get Milked

The Milk people obviously know nothing about picking wigs cause there is no excuse for this. Jennifer Hudson is a gorgeous woman but the wig isn't doing it. Either way, this is a good look for JHud as she becomes the latest celeb to spot a milk mustache.
Her "Milk Tag" reads: The taste of fame. Center stage, silver screen, joyful new mom. How do I keep this show on the road? Milk. It’s wholesome goodness helps make my family strong at every stage. Talk about a powerful performance. Got Milk?
Nicely done, we're excited to hear the album.

Solange Can SING!

I STAY saying that Solange's album "Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams" was a very unrated release. I think Solange is a fabulous singer and should not be in her sister's shadow. Although lately Solange has been booking DJing gigs, she recently performed at a store opening and covered Groove Theory's "Tell Me". You can't tell me this doesn't sound DOPE! Check it out:

Behind The Scenes with Ludacris

My Chick Bad BTS from DTP TV on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago we brought you some photos from Ludacris's video shoot for the single, "My Chick Bad". Now, we got some behind-the-scenes footage of the same video. Luda explains why he's making history, Nicki Minaj gets tied up (literally) and the director talks concept. Looks like it'll be a dope video.

On Set With Young Money


Yesterday we brought you photos from Young Money's "Roger That" video shoot during which Nicki Minaj stole the spotlight. Here's the behind-the-scenes video to go with the photos. Looks like they're getting their 1920s on to go out with a bang before the president does his time. But, um, like I said yesterday....where's Drizzy? Hmmm.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roger That Behind The Scenes

When I heard that Lil Wayne's jail sentence was postponed until March, the first thing I said was that this gives him more time to make videos and record songs. Of course, I was right. The Young Money crew recently filmed their video for "Roger That." It looks like they're going with a 1920s theme. Nicki Minaj stole the spotlight in her 20s fashions. But where is Drake??

Alicia...Easy on the Bronzer!

Once you get past the loads of bronzer Alicia Keys has on at the Brit Awards red carpet, you will admit she looks pretty damn spectacular. That metallic black mini dress hugged all the right places and is another example of perfecting the "little black dress". Lovely, minus the bronzer overload.

Mel B Swagger Jacks Cassie

Mel B is the latest celeb to swagger jack Cassie's half baldie. She appeared at the Brit Awards with the fresh cut. I thought we were over this trend?

Matthew Knowles...You ARE The Father (For Now)

Yesterday we reported that Matthew Knowles was in court over a claim by a woman named Alexsandra Wright that Beyonce's papa fathered her child. Well, even without a paternity test Matthew was ordered to pay the woman $8,200 a month in child support. She was also granted $20,750 for January. It still hasn't been proven that Matthew Knowles is the baby's father, but he did voluntarily give her $10k for baby expenses. Interesting indeed.
A DNA test is still set for March 1st. Interesting court ruling. Is it standard to award someone child support payments before the father's identity is proven?

Erik Flowchild releases "The Chixtape"

Local Toronto rapper, Erik Flowchild, who is best known for catching the attention of Grammy Award-winning singer Chrisette Michele after remixing her song "Epiphany" has released his latest project.
"The Chixtape" is a concept Erik says he came up with when he was in high school (he's now university student). Although it does centre around relationships and female/male interactions, Erik insists it is not a "a mushy-gushy I-love-you-like-cooked-food kinda thing."
Erik's next project is "The Delivery Boy", a mixtape that will feature artists such as Joe Budden, Big Sean, and Chrisette Michele. While you wait, grab "The Chixtape".

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Call This *Deep Sigh*

This was Lady GaGa's outfit of choice for the Brit Awards in London. What's that? You didn't bat an eyelash? Me either. I've come to expect this kinda ish from homegirl. Her camp should really let her know that the shock factor has turned into a big *yawwwwnnnn* Next.

The Black Eyed Peas: Imma Be

Clearly is the creative genius of this group. And Fergie is soooo not 3008 because the bish storms out when the future gets brought up and wakes up in the middle of the ish. LoL. As always, some creative ish including robots, futuristic cars and high-tech gadgets from the Black Eyed Peas, who graced the Summer 2009 cover of CreamWorld magazine.

Is It Just Me, Or Is Something Missing?

CreamWorld blog readers....we have a very serious case of the missing booty unfolding! This is a photo of Kim Kardashian from last night at the launch of her original scent at Sephora. Someone snapped the side shot of Kim and....something is missing. Some air seems to have been deflated from those cakes! Could it be the dress? The angle? Or....did she *gasp* take her butt pads out?! *cue mystery movie music*. We present to you, three pieces of evidence to support the last be the judge....

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Are You The Daddy?

All I can imagine when I see this photo is the woman who claims this is Matthew Knowles baby jumping up on "Maury", heading over to the big screen, getting all loud and excited before declaring, "Look at that baby's nose! Looks just like Matthew's. Look at the baby's....chin! And...and...those eyes. Yes, I know they're closed but that's just how Matthew's look when they're closed!" LOL. Either way, the mother of the child, Alexsandra Wright, claims she had an 18-month relationship with Beyonce's dad and that he is the father of the boy, whom she named Nixon.
In an L.A. court this AM, Lance Spiegel, lawyer for Mathew Knowles, and Neal Hersh, Alexsandra's attorney, talked support numbers with the judge. The numbers that were thrown around were in the $20,000 a month range.
Spiegel said a DNA test will be performed March 1.

Source: TMZ

Are You Trying Out For "The Price Is Right"?

LMAO. These photos are evidence that if Ashanti's comeback doesn't work out she has a career as a "Price Is Right" girl. Ashanti hit up the Gifting Services showroom in LA yesterday and looked like she was trying to get a job. SMH. Her body is looking right though and I am in loveeee with those shoes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, CiCi We're All Paying Attention Now

Ciara was spotted around Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week. She was sporting this interesting dress and I know all of our eyes are going to the same place....smh. Why would you put targets on your lady parts and think it's cute? oooooh maybe it's one of those hypnotizing CiCi are you trying to put us under your spell or just let us know that you have breasts? SMH.

Lil Sammie Grows Up!

I know you remember Sammie, he was the little cutie we all awwww'd at when he came out with his song "I Like It" back in the day. Well, lil Sammie isn't little anymore. Dude is now 22-years-old and on his grown and sexy ish. Sammie shot a video for his song "Magic Show" over the weekend and here are some of the stills. His RP people released the following statement:
The VERY SEXY video shows the R&B crooner’s transition from child star with “I Like It” to young adult with “Magic Show” who knows what he wants – the ladies. In a light never seen before by the public, fans and those who weren’t until now will be interested in what Sammie has up his sleeves when the video releases later this week. looks like he's bout to step on some toes *ahem* Trey Songz toes *ahem*

Photos: Freddyo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Usher's Capri Swag

Usher opened yesterday's All-Star game last night and, although, CreamWorld doesn't normally cover sporting events, we had to get our hands of this here video. Although Ush performed his older and newer hits, all the internet (read Twitter) was abuzz about Usher's wardrobe choice. It seems his stylist thought that leather capris and what looked like a bulletproof vest would be appropriate. Apparently the general public does NOT agree. That is all.

Rhea Back With N.E.R.D?

Pharell posted this photo of himself, Q-Tip and Rhea in the studio over the weekend with the caption, "Always good to see friends at the studio." Could this mean that Canadian-born Rhea is back with the group or that they parted on good terms and still work together? If you recall in early Jan. we reported that Rhea had been kicked out of the group. Hmmm not sure what this photo means but we will keep an eye out on the situation.

Melanie Fiona: Stop My Heart

Valentine's Day may be over but we're still spreading the love with Melanie Fiona's special Love Day video edition of her song "Stop My Heart." The video has a real Motown feel and features Melanie, Melanie and Melanie - literally. The singer plays both of her own backup singers! Cute! And you get an idea of what Melanie would look like with short hair, check the wig. Love this Canadian gyal. Keep the hits coming!!