Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: RiRi Edition

I'm all for spring clothes that mix and match but Rihanna is really pushing it with this ensemble. It looks like her closet threw up on her. I mean really....leopard sandals, a straw hat, floral shorts paired with a white fringy jacket and a blue purse? It's all a bit much for me, but what do you think: fashion forward or fail??

M.I.A. Goes in on Lady GaGa

M.I.A., the rapper behind the songs, "Paper Planes" and "Boyz" (you may also remember her from her Grammy performance with Jay-Z, Kayne, Lil Wayne and T.I. while she was preggers), is going in on Lady GaGa.
When asked whether record labels were still needed, M.I.A. answered:
Are they even interested in making money from music anymore? Lady Gaga plugs 15 things in her new video. Dude, she even plugs a burger! That’s probably how they’re making money right now – buying up the burger joint, putting the burger in a music video and making loads of burger money.

On the topic of whether such programmes and the internet have destroyed the mythology around popstars, she said:
I don’t know. Again, there’d Lady Gaga – people say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same! None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I f**king do! That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry last’s stab at making itself important – saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do It Yourself.

p.s. Surprised she didn't mention Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video. And, just in case you're wondering, yes, the GaGa's "monsters" are going in on M.I.A. already.

The Year of the Cheater

Gotdamn. First Tiger then Sandra Bullocks' hubby and now the husband of Haitian actress Gracelle Beuvais-Nilon has been caught with his boxers down. Apparently Gracelle wasn't having it and blasted his hubby via his co-workers to be exact. After reportedly finding out out he was cheating with some chick in Chicago, and she let all his co-workers at the esteemed Hollywood CAA Agency know in an e-mail blast. Here's how the Huff Post/ NY Post are reporting it:
In an e-mail making the rounds at the agency with the subject line “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon,” the former “NYPD Blue” star wrote to Nilon’s colleagues, “What do they have in common . . . I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don’t deserve this!”

Waiting to exhale....I hear you girl.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

RiRi Confirms Relationship with Matt

After all the "we're not together" nonsense, Rihanna confirmed today that she and Matt Kemp are indeed an item. The confirmation came on KIIS FM when host Ryan Seacrest asked her who Matt is to her. RiRi responded, “Umm, he’s my boyfriend.” She also added “It’s new, and it’s fun, and it’s nothing too serious, you know. I don’t want anything that’s going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way. I just want to have fun, and that’s what it’s about.”
Well isn't that just so sweet? What's that....oh the sound of Chris Brown crying into his pillow at night. (Too soon?)
P.S. In other RiRi news, Nicki Minaj has pulled out of Rihanna's "Last Girl On Earth" tour. LoL...over before it even began.

Source for first story: KIIS FM

Is Takema Nuts?!

I feel bad for Usher....there's no way he could've known that the smiling grown ass woman in the photo above was actually an immature reckless crazy chick. With divorce papers signed and all that, Tameka is STILL wil'in. This time she went in on an Usher fan who complimented his apparent his new girlfriend Grace. I have no words! Get help Tameka, seriously.

Fact: Lil Wayne Makes Pretty Babies

See the little adorable kid in the blue?? That's Lil Wayne's son Dewayne Michael Carter III who posed for a picture with his sister Essence and mommy Sarah on Easter Sunday. Essence is not Wayne's baby btw. Isn't lil Dewayne is too precious for words?

The-Dream: Love King

The-Dream tries a ting wit this video for the song "Love King." Too bad Jay-Z already been done it. Why does the video remind me of the "Girls, Girls, Girls" concept? You know a bunch of different chicks from different walks of life, blah blah blah. It's a hot mess.

Brandy On Why She's Afraid to Love...

Brandy recently made her guest blogger debut for Vibe magazine. She blogged about how scared she is of falling in love, getting cheated on and what's really going on between her and Flo Rida. Here's a few of the highlights:
“I’ve seen the photos of me and Flo Rida. It doesn’t matter how we met. We met. I don’t want to say that we’re a couple. I can definitely say that he’s somebody in my life and I’m definitely interested but I’m not serious with anybody.”

“I don’t play around with the whole cheating thing. Please don’t do that. I don’t like that. At all. I’m so scared of that. I’m scared to give my heart away.”

Oprah Ain't Goin Nowhere...

Not only is Oprah not going anywhere, she's still riding off her "friendship" with Jay-Z. She announced today that she is launching a brand new show that will air on Thursday evenings on her new channel OWN. It’s called “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and will be an hour long format. The network is also using Ms. Winfrey’s ability to attract high-profile talent. One OWN series, “Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind,” will highlight pop musician Lady Gaga and movie director James Cameron, among others. Another show, “Master Class,” will feature people like former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and musician Jay-Z relaying life stories and lessons directly into the camera.
Jay-Z said O asked him to participate during a phone call. “I didn’t even think about it,” Jay said last month. “I just said ‘yes.’”

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is This Swizz Beatz's Love Child?

The good folks over at Crunktastical got a letter from someone claiming that there's a Russian news story circulating that claims Swizz Beatz has a two year old daughter with Moscow-born singer Jahna Sebastian. According to the letter, the two met in London in August 2007 and when Jahna realized she was pregnant she attempted to contact Swizzy but got no response. The letter also claims that in July 2009 Swizzy came to London, apparently with A. Keys, to do the paternity test. Results, according to the letter, proved that he was indeed the father. Apparently Jahna has received no help from Swizzy since the results.
Hmmm this whole thing is suspect. Apparently ol' girl didn't wanna go to the tabloids to ruin her rep. But why wouldn't she get Swizzy to pay child support through the courts? Aside from that Swizzy seems like a proud dad and I'm sure he would support the child if she was his.
Look at this photo of Swizzy's youngest you think the two children look alike?

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Welcome Son

Last night in L.A. Robin Thicke was missing from the Alicia Key's "Freedom Tour." He had a good excuse though as his wife, actress Paul Patton, delivered their first child! The couple named the baby boy Julian Fuego. Baby Julian was born in L.A. and a rep for the family confirms mom and baby are doing just fine. All the best to the Thicke family!!

Ciara Likes To Ride....

Watch CiCi on the bull!!! The R&B singer is rolling with the bucks of the bull in her new video for "Ride", which features Ludacris. She looks like she knows what she's doing too...lemme stop.
Either way, CiCi also posed it out in a full-length fur coat and in a cute little outfit a chair? Get it girl.

Photos: ThisIsRnB

Chad Puts a Ring On It...

Gotdamn! It pays to be on "Dancing With The Stars". I don't much care for the show but this is an interesting little tidbit. Cheryl Burke's parter, Chad "Ocho Cino" Johnson, just put a ring on it by buying Cheryl a giant diamond ring. He apparently bought it "just to say thank you." According to internet reports the ring is worth $22,000 and is 8.51 carats.
Now you KNOW ain't no man buying a woman a ring just cause....stop it. There's definitely something more here.

Serena and Common's Date Night

Despite rumours that they were no longer seeing each other, Serena and Common showed up together last night at the premier of "Date Night". I gotta say, they do look cute together and Common has been looking quite handsome as of late.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seriously Pharrell?? No....Really?

No, this isn't a joke. Pharrell AKA Skateboard P celebrated his 37th birthday with an Alice in Wonderland-themed party. I just had to post the close up of the birthday cake dedication as proof. WTF is this mess all about?? Is Skateboard P a big kid who doesn't wanna grow up? What grown-ass man does that??

Drake's Album Release Pushed Back

I guess we'll be waiting just a little bit later to thank the Canadian boy....get it...."Thank Me Later" (I tried). Anyway, Drake revealed to MTV that his album's new release date is June 15, as opposed to the originally reported date of May 25. Aw well, it's just a few weeks.

The Magic of Photoshop

Man, if Kimora was trying to trick us, this wasn't the way to do it. Putting your face on someone else's body = a no, no Kimora. I kid. But seriously, they photoshopped the ISH outta Kimora in this ad for her newest fragrance called "Dare Me". How dare she think that we'll actually believe that's how she looks? Check out this photo of Kimora from March. Granted she's sitting down but it's more of a true representation of her. False advertising, I say!

Get Ready For Lotsa...Talent

The folks at Livenation are banking on the fact that chicks everywhere want to jam to RiRi's off-key singing and get their tits signed by Nicki. They're sending the girls, along with Ke$ha, on a 25-date North American RiRi tour. Rihanna’s Last Girl On Earth tour will make 25 stops, at mix of top amphitheaters and arenas throughout North America this summer, beginning on July 2nd in Seattle. Tickets go on sale April 7th for fan club and Citi Private Pass members and April 9th for everyone else on
Check the North American Tour Dates below:

Jul 02 Seattle White River Amphitheatre
Jul 04 Vancouver General Motors Place
Jul 06 Calgary Pengrowth Saddeldome
Jul 09 Sacramento ARCO Arena
Jul 10 Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View
Jul 14 Albuquerque Hard Rock Casino Albuquerque presents The Pavilion
Jul 15 Denver Comfort Dental Amphitheatre
Jul 17 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Events Center
Jul 21 Los Angeles Staples Center
Jul 22 Phoenix Cricket Wireless Pavilion
Jul 28 Atlanta Philips Arena
Jul 30 Tampa Ford Amphitheatre
Jul 31 Miami American Airlines Center
Aug 03 Indianapolis Verizon Wireless Music Center Indianapolis
Aug 05 Toronto Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Aug 07 Montreal Bell Centre
Aug 08 Boston Comcast Center
Aug 11 Uncasville Mohegan Sun Arena
Aug 12 New York Madison Square Garden
Aug 15 Wantagh Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Aug 18 Camden Susquehanna Bank Center
Aug 20 Bristow Jiffy Lube Live
Aug 21 Hershey Hersheypark Stadium
Aug 22 Detroit DTE Energy Music Theatre
Aug 25 Chicago United Center

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Secret Anniversary!!!

Two years ago on April 4, Beyonce Knowles became Beyonce Carter as she wed Shawn Corey Carter (aka Jay-Z aka Mr. Swag aka Illuminati Hov...lemme stop). Either way, the 2 began their anniversary celebrations this weekend by stepping out to their fav NYC restaurant Nellos. After the fine dining they headed over to check out Beyonce's former bandmate Michelle Williams as Roxie Hart in "Chicago". They even snapped a pic with the cast. Fun times. Michelle is on Broadway through April 13, then is joining the L.A. portion of the Chicago national tour April 20 through May 9.

Work Bish!!

Cassie was spotted last night at the paparazzi's fav restaurant, Katsuya in L.A. She rocked a a multi colored jacket, jeans, and super cute open-toe boots. That's not the only place Cassie has been spotted. She recently shot an ad campaign for Wal-Mart. I'm not mad, catalogue pays. Please, please, please tell me that she's finally put the mic down and picked the Zoolander poses back up!!

Aunty/Mommy Lovin

Little Mason Dash Disick spent some mommy/aunty time with his momma Kourtney Kardashian and her sister Kim pool side in Miami recently. Kim's been showing off her cakes an awful lot lately. It's like a mating call to draw Reggie back in. She does look fab though.