Friday, May 7, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Scandal

You may remember Kendra Wilkinson from the reality show "Girls Next Door" in which she starred with fellow girlsfriends of Hugh Hefner. Kendra went on to have her own show and marry football player Hank Baskett, by whom she now has a child. Anywho, fast-forward to present day where Kendra is involved in a sex tape scandal. According to documents obtained by, Kendra secretly planned to shop a sex tape, and now the site says its discovered that there was more than one tape made by the reality TV star. Furthermore, they discovered that she consulted a top Los Angele law firm and set up a company to sell the tape, a company called Home Run Productions LLC. And the documents referenced the explicit video material in plural terms, confirming that more than one tape was created. Multiple references in the document refer to “the Tapes.”
Also, an insider who has watched the tape tells OK! magazine that there is no doubt that it’s Kendra in the video. “I mean, I just was shocked to see a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, but it was obvious and clear to me that it was in fact her,” the source tells OK! exclusively. The insider tells OK! the video is far from innocent, explaining, “This tape is sexually explicit. It’s hot and she’s hot. It’s going to be a massive seller.”

Post-Baby Body

Christina Milian stepped out yesterday for the Ana M launch party in West Hollywood to show off her post-baby body. She looked very on-point and it looks like the baby made her thicker in all the right places. Looking lovely Ms. Milian.
p.s. Christina appeared solo, which will likely spark the rumors even more that she and hubby The Dream are on the outs.

We Got Hood Love: Mary J. Blige & Trey Songz

I dunno how long this songs been out but I'm just hearing it for the first time now and I am loving it. I know a lot of ladies (whether from the hood or not) will be able to relate to the message in the song. Mary J Blige looks gorgeous, as always and Trey Songz plays the boyfriend that messed up and is trying to make it up to his girl...not Mary, some other girl. It's all about the lyrics on this one.

Wale: Diary

I'm not sure how I missed this video but by popular demand here's Wale's Diary. The song is off of Wale's "Attention Deficit" album which dropped earlier this year. The tale chronicles a young lady's pain as she is torn between her man and moving every-day-story since the beginning of time. It's a high-quality visual at the end of the day and the spoken word scene is cute. Deep song.

Esso: The Anti-Socialite Mixtape

Harlem rapper and good friend of CreamWorld magazine, Esso, has dropped his latest project "The Anti-Socialite". You may remember Esso from his "Off The Wall" mixtape, an ode of sorts to MJ that dropped last summer with "View From The Top" as its most successful single. Anyways, the new mixtape is sort of a day in the life of Esso as he wakes up, the stresses he goes through, the thoughts he has. It also represents a new era for NYC.
Click here to download

Esso also released a cool commercial, trailer typa deal before the mixtape came out. It's called "The Anti-Socialite's Guide to New York" and was directed by Puma. The Esso-narrated short takes you through some of his favourite spots and if you've ever been to NYC, you will wanna go back after you see this. You've been warned.

The Anti-Socialites Guide to New York from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

Jeff Chery: The Pair

This one's for all the sneaker-heads! Have you ever seen a pair of sneakers and it felt like you were already on a first name basis after one glace at them in the display window? It may have been the latest Nikes, Jordans, Supras, or maybe those fly Gucci and Marc Jacobs high-tops. The brand doesn’t matter, but kicks definitely speak a universal language that only shoe fanatics can understand.
That's why rapper Jeff Chery (you may remember him from our previous blog posts on his mix-album release and previous singles) has released a track called "The Pair" to pay ode. The song has a real old skool vibe that's refreshing. You’ll be able to find this record in the near future on a mix-tape collaboration wit my hommie K.Sparks.
Listen to and download the track here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

RiRi's New Single Cover

Rihanna unveiled the album art for her next single "Te Amo." She looks devilish. The other chick looks suicidal. That is all.

No One Turned Him Away This Time...

Earlier this week we told you how Chris Brown couldn't get no love from the Las Vegas clubs where all the fight weekend parties were happening cause he wasn't of age. Well, that all changed yesterday when Chris Brown turned 21 and popped many a bottle in LA. First he got his drink on at the studio and then headed to party hard at some clubs. No one can EVER prevent you from getting drunk now, Chris. *fist pump*

Courtney Love Is Good In Bed Cause She's Ugly?

Apparently Courtney Love, best known as rocker Curt Cobain's baby momma, recently appeared on the "Howard Stern Show" and aside from proclaiming that she had an affaird with Gavin Rossdale after he married Gwen Stefani, she also said she's a love goddess because she's unattractive. Huh? I know. Strange thing to say. Check the quote:
“Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder. That’s why pretty girls never threaten me — it’s like, yeah, you want to take me on? Take me on. Go for it.”

Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars: Billionaire

Travis McCoy drops his visual for "Billionaire" featuring Bruno Mars, who you'll remember from the B.O.B. song "Nothing On You." The video incorporates some stories of know the skater trying to get on, the singer who no one notices, the kid tryin to get out of the city and the frustrated artist. Travie helps them all. It's pretty cute.

The-Dream ft. Ludacris: Love King (Remix)

The-Dream employs Luda's help for the remix video to "Love King". I don't get the beginning of the video where it says "Studio Session" but Luda is a dutty ass bathroom with a half nekkid female. Is THAT how it goes down at the studio? LoL. Anyways, then there's a chick with white lipstick that just reminds me of the Chappelle Lemme stop. There's no real concept here, a calendar with different women and scenes and ish. I guess.

Nas Can't Afford Kelis' Demands

That middle finger in the photo above is quite fitting as Nas is probably thinking those exact thoughts about Kelis. When it came out that he would have to pay $10,000 a month to her and back support as well, it was widely reported that Nas couldn't afford it. Now his lawyer is making a request to the judge. Here's how TMZ is reporting it:
As we first reported, a court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current. It’s unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support.
Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ … the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes “substantially less than that amount.” Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank Him When You Get Your Vision Back

Soooo I guess the 3D glasses are not included with Drake's new album. Honestly, I can't look at this cover for more than a few seconds and that's not a good thing. *sigh* Visually, the videos and all that haven't been something that I've been overly impressed by when it comes to Drake. Musically, always on point though. The album drops May 15. What do ya'll think?

Dewaye Wade's Ex Sues Gabriel Union

Oh dear....we haven't really been following the Dewayne Wade drama with his baby momma/ ex-wife Siohvaughn, cause well...he cheated with Gabby Union and that's all we really needed to know. Buuuuut yesterdaym things go interesting cause Siohvaughn filed a lawsuit in Chicago against Gabrielle Union, Dewayne's mistress! According to the Chicago Tribune, she is putting Gabby on blast with claims that she seduced Dwyane and acted as his mistress in front of their two sons:

The estranged wife of Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade filed a lawsuit today on behalf of their two sons against a Chicago attorney who she says failed to act in the best interest in their children during the couple's divorce.

Another lawsuit Siohvaughn Wade filed today on behalf of her 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons seeks damages against film actress Gabrielle Union on the grounds that she broke up the marriage.

The lawsuit against Union -- who has starred in the films "Bring It On," "Deliver Us from Eva," and "Bad Boys II" -- says Union "apparently decided to take her role" of seductress "beyond the films and into the home of a married man ... in the presence of his two minor children."

The complaints were filed after Dwyane Wade recently asked a Miami court to grant him sole custody of the boys, adding to an already venomous and drawn-out divorce proceeding between Wade and his estranged wife.

Putting Her On Blast....

Hm, the dudes are just as bad as the chicks...and that's coming from a chick. Kim Kardashian's next hubby, Damon Thomas is putting her on blast about her boob job and the lipsuction he paid for...right before he caught her cheating with JLo's ex Chris Judd. A hot mess. In Touch Weekly spoke to Damon about Kim and here's what he was quick to reveal.

...Kim’s ex-husband says that behind closed doors, Kim has a very different — and troubling — set of priorities. “Kim is obsessed with fame,” Kim’s ex, music producer Damon Thomas, reveals... “She’s jealous and competitive with her sisters,” he shares. Desperate to be famous, Damon says, Kim doesn’t seem to care whom she hurts — whether it’s friends, lovers or even her own family. “She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” ... And while a rep for the Kardashian sisters says they’re “best friends and very supportive of one another,” Damon disagrees. “Jealousy is a big thing” with Kim, he says, revealing that when he knew her, Kim would “do whatever it takes” in order to get ahead.

If Kim’s sisters feel wronged by her, Damon says, they aren’t the only ones. In fact, he believes Kim was behind the recent release of court papers, filed during their 2003 divorce, in which she claimed he beat her — a claim he emphatically denies. “It’s just absolutely not true,” he says, adding that Kim never filed for a restraining order or a protective order throughout their marriage, and simply accused him of abuse in order to get “a lot of money” out of him. Damon says, he was the one who filed for divorce first. And he did it because Kim was cheating on him with “multiple guys.” Kim has denied this claim. Still, Kim managed to lure Damon back into the relationship for a brief time, during which, he says, she convinced him to finance extravagant shopping sprees and extensive plastic surgery — including a boob job and liposuction. “She wanted to have that lifestyle,” he explains. “She wanted to be what she ultimately became.” And Damon was willing to finance it — until he saw her on the cover of a magazine on a date with Jennifer Lopez’s ex, Cris Judd. “I saw my wife with another man, wearing the clothes that we had just bought after her lipo,” he says. “It was not something as a husband you ever wanted to see.”

Oprah Gets Her Party On

Since Oprah had Jay-Z on her show could it be that she's embracing hip-hop? If these photos are any indication - yes! Or at least, she likes to party with hip-hop's elite. These were shot at the Met Costume Institute Gala afterparty in NYC. Guest included Diddy, Katy Perry, Usher and of course, Ms. Winfrey N.E.R.D. performed. Go head Orpah, get down!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beyonce: Why Don't You Love Me?

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

After dropping a preview for her "Why Don't You Love Me" video yesterday, Bey Bey drops the full version today. Just like I predicted, it's very Lucille the beginning at least. Then Bey turns into the sexy desperate housewife complete with a martini and mascara running down her face, a ditzy homemaker type, a chick who can't bake for ish and even a dominatrix. She also plays typa character who grabs her boobs, shakes her ass and gets all sexy and ish. Yup, Bey is definitely sexing it up.
P.S. LMAO at homegirl dusting her million Grammy awards. Love it.

Met Costume Gala Fav Looks

Check out some of our favourite looks from last night's NYC Met Cosutume Gala. The ladies always bring out their dopest outfits so there was an abundance to choose from but we narrowed it down to the Top 10.

Knock Yaself Out....

Trina gets Alter Ego'd with Derek Blanks behind the lens. The photographer's "Alter Ego" series has become a favourite among celebs who play two or more roles in the images. Trina is the knockout femme fatale, the knocked-out boxer, as well as the photographers and all the people in the crowd.
Gotta say, she looks good in the ring!

Hello, Good Morning Preview

LMAO...I love how Diddy even plugs Ciroc at the beginning and end of a friggen video preview! Oh dear. Anyways, this video says "Hello, Good Morning" to a bunch of guest appearances including T.I. The boy is getting busy since he got out! There's also Swizzy and, of course, Diddy's newest pet project Ricky Ross. The video itself looks impressive...only the best from Diddy!

Breezy Can't Catch A Break...

Oh dear. Poor likkle Chris Brown can't seem to catch a break. According to the NY Post ol' boy was turned away at all the Mosley/ Mayweather fight over the weekend in Vegas. Here's how the newspaper is reporting it:
Because he isn’t yet 21, the singer was turned away from the Swagg bash at Tao Beach, where Jamie Foxx, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Busta Rhymes and Nelly partied. Brown was looking for a place to celebrate his 21st birthday, which is tomorrow, but hadn’t found any clubs that would welcome him and his posse. Brown later garbled the national anthem at the welterweight fight between Sugar Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather, drawing pans from fans, some of whom thought it was inappropriate for him to perform at a high-profile boxing match given his history of using his fists on his then-girlfriend Rihanna last year. Brown reacted to the criticism of his performance on Twitter, writing, “Im human. how many of u r perfect????????” He closed his evening with friends at the Sky Villa at the Palms Hotel.

Sade: Baby Father

You can't deny that Sade has one of the most classic voices in the industry and she looks fab at her age. She's 51, in case you're wondering. In her latest video "Baby Father", Sade takes us on a tale of childhood attraction turned to a "daddy knows" lesson. Set in what looks like a little European town Sade plays the beautiful homemaker while the kiddies dance and watch her outside the video. It's a dope visual overall.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: Eve

Oh dear...Eve chose this interesting ensemble at the Gumball 3000 racecar driving rally. I understand that Puma was one of the sponsors or whatever but couldn't she have found a different way to rock a Puma tee rather than with a pair of sheer leopard pants, a burgundy leather coat and some sandals? I dunno, I'm not feeling these pieces together. What do ya'll think?

Photos: PacificCoastNews

Beyonce's Video Tease

Beyonce is prepping to release her new video "Why Don't You Love Me"? It looks like some Lucille Ball ish. One thing I noticed though is that the older Beyonce gets the more skin she shows. Hmmm....interesting.

Halle Was The Dumper, Not The Dumpee

Looks like the Internets had it twisted when news first broke last week that it was over between Halle Berry and her baby father Gabriel Aubry. We were all quick to report that he left her cause the age difference was getting to him. Apparently that's not the case at all. According to People magazine, Halle actually got rid of him. "She kicked him out months ago because he wasn't able to pull his weight in the relationship and she wanted to move on," a source close to Berry and Aubry told People.
Go head Halle! You are too grown to be putting up with trifling ass men.

CBreezy Sings National Anthem at Fight??

I dunno if this is a genius move or a *blank stare* moment but Chris Brown sang the National Anthem at the Mosely/ Mayweather fight this weekend. However, one thing is for sure, the irony can't be avoided. LoL. Lawd have mercy. He sang it pretty well though. Good job.