Friday, April 30, 2010

Halle Berry's New Man??!

RadarOnline was the first to report that Halle Berry is once again single. According to the website, Halle and Gabriel have called it quits and worked out a financial and custody deal. They spent months hammering out a deal with a lawyer. A source close to the situation tells that Gabriel was the one who pulled the plug on their five year relationship and that the age difference – he’s 34, she’s 43 – played a role.
And what's more, Halle appears to be dating again, and this time, Halle has decided to play it safe and stop dating younger men. Berry stepped out yesterday with an older man. The couple were swarmed by paparazzi.

Photos: Sandra Rose

RiRi Goes Dark And Sexy for New Vid...

Rihanna is once again teaming up with famed video director Anthony Mandler who shot her "Russian Roulette" video and Jay-Z's "Run This Town" as well as "Onto the Next One". She was spotted on location looking sexy in a black one piece as well as a gorgeous floral gown. This video looks like it'll be interesting for sure. Excited to see this one. The song is sexxy as well.

Photos: Just Jared

Nelly's Bodyguard Murdered

Sad news is coming out of St. Louis today. Nelly's bodyguard, who was described as his "right hand man" was recently murdered. The 36-year-old Michael Johnson was shot multiple times outside of a home. No arrests have been made in connection to the murder, but authorities are on the hunt for the suspect. Currently they are retracing Johnson's movements of the last 24 hours before his heath in order to find out if something happened that could have led to the shooting. Here's how the local news station is reporting it:

Christina Aguilera: Not Myself Tonight

Now I know has always been a bit edgy but this has Lady GaGa written ALL over it. From the mouth gag to the spikes to the body suit, it's all very GaGa. Oh man, she even does the hand around the eye thing that GaGa is always doing. Annnd then there's the girl on girl. Well, anything to sex it up these days, I guess.
Grace Jones > Gaga> Xtina???

Cute Outfit of the Day

Our favourite eclectic singer, Solange Knowles, stepped out looking all cute and sexy for last night's DKMS Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia. The event was held in NYC at Cipriani. Sol rocked a a criss-crossed halter printed mini and sleek black pumps. Simply gorgeous!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ciara and Paris Hilton, BFFs?

Ciara looked like she was having a great time with Paris Hilton at Timbaland's birthday party the other night in Hollywood. CiC and Paris looked quite chummy as they danced the night away. It leaves me wondering what CiCi's bestie Kim Kardashian would think of these know she's frenemies with Paris. Uh-oh

Photos: Polk

Ludacris is a Magnum Man

Trojan is making a huge marketing move and hearing out to the hip-hop community. Ludacris is the first rapper tapped to
appear in Trojan's Magnum condom ads as part of the company's “Magnum Live Large” radio, television and print campaign.
As part of the campaign, Luda and the safe sex advocates are working together for the company's “Live Large” contest. Luda's fans will have a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize for penning lyrics to tracks available on promoting the condoms through their “magnum themed” lyrics. Contestants will upload their entries to the site where visitors can vote for their favorites.
Lawd...I can just imagine what people are gonna come up with...

Female Prison Guard Fired Over Lil Wayne?

The New York Daily News is reporting that a former Rikers guard says she was fired because her superiors claim she tried to sneak a peek at Lil Wayne. The newspaper is reporting that Amelia Negron is preparing a federal suit against the city because according to her, union higherups forced her to falsely confess she was trying to star-gawk. The 33-year-old says she doesn't like rap, nor does she know much about Lil Wayne.
What really happened March 10, she says, is that she popped her head into the unit where the performer was being held to see a colleague, Negron said. "The door to the area was unlocked, and so I went in to say hello, and that officer said, 'Hey, you can't be here. We've got a celeb here.' I said, 'Okay, no problem,' turned around and left," Negron said.
She said that, after the short exchange, her superiors claimed she was trying to cozy up to Weezy. "We did nothing wrong, but we were threatened with criminal charges, transfers, suspensions," she said.
On April 19, the city Department of Correction fired Negron, claiming she had missed too many days of work. Negron, who was hired in 2008, contends the missed days were for an injury she suffered at the firing range, when she was struck in the hand and chest by another officer's gunfire.
Negron plans to file a federal suit, claiming she was the victim of discrimination and harassment. A Correction Department spokesman noted Negron was a probationary employee and said her firing was "entirely appropriate."

News Source: The New York Daily News

Pinky's Thoughts on Nicki

Infamous porn star Pinky apparently has known, and been attracted to, Nicki Minaj for years (check out the pic above from a few years back before Nicki blew up). Apparently the thought of a hot chick who knew how to spit excited Pinky. LoL. In the video she talks about their first encounter:
Before I heard her rap I thought she looked good but then when I heard her rap I was like, "oh". I was really excited because you don't get normally girls that look good and can spit. It's other girls that look good don't get me wrong but to me in my opinion, she looked better than the other ones.It's ok for me to be on her di*k because I knew her before she blew up. I'm not just a Barbie fan-fanatic, I knew her before.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock Adopts!

Wow. People magazine has unveiled its exclusive interview with Sandra Bullock, who revealed she is a new mom! AND she's filing for divorce from cheating husband Jesse James.
According to the interview Sandra hid the fact that she adopted baby Louis from New Orleans for the past five months. After spending time in post-Katrina New Orleans and helping with the rebuilding efforts, she ended upfalling in love with this particular baby.
"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE, announcing that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3.5-month-old boy, born in New Orleans. "It's like he's always been a part of our lives."

She said she named him "Louis" because when she first saw him, the song that started playing in her head was Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World". She also confirmed that she will be a single mother in raising this child.
What are your thoughts?

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: Toni Braxton

Who in the hell told Toni Braxton it was a good idea to step out of the house looking like this? She hit Mr. Chow in this sheer sided catsuit outfit complete with camel toe and a cargo green jacket, a feather earring and a half shaven buzz cut. Ummm okay.

The Cutest Lakers Fans

Awww how cute are these two?? Seal took his little boys to the Lakers game the other night and they couldn't be any cuter. Henry and John looked like they were havin a great time with their dad doing and wave and whatnot. I swear doing the wave is the best part of going to a sporting event as a kid. LoL.

Stacey Dash The Newest Video Vixen?

What is up with 44-year-old Stacey Dash these days? Ole' girl is wil'in. First came that Play Boy magazine spread a while back, then all the rumours of dating Jamie Foxx, lying about getting a TV show, the cover of the "prestigious" Smooth magazine and now she's poppin up in an array of rap videos. She was recently spotted in a behind-the-scenes viral for a Rick Ross video and now here she is as Game's leading lady in "Shake". I dont really get it though. What's up with the naked chicks in the bed?

Who Knew Lil Wayne's Ex-Wife Raps?

Soooo resident ATL chick Rasheeda, Toya, Diamond, Lola Monroe and Kandi have done a remix to "Bedrock" with a sorority themed video. When I first saw the names of those involved in the song, I can't say I was interested. Then I spotted "Toya" and thought, what in the hell is Lil Wayne's ex-wife and first baby momma doing in the video. The answer is spittin bars apparently. Well, tryin to anyways. Watch for her around the 3:26 mark.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nicki, Is That You?

I am genuinely confused whether that is Nicki Minaj. No bullsh*t. This photo of Diddy and...Nicki was shot the other night outside of Guys and Dolls, T.I.'s welcome back party. It looks like it could be Nicki...but I really don't can't be sure. She looks too....normal? Since Nicki is under Diddy's management it is possible that the mogul is getting her to tone it down. Is Nicki leaving her Barbie ways behind?


T.I. Welcomed Home

T.I., Tiny and her breasts were out and about for his welcome back shindig guessed it Guys and Dolls (you know you throw a good party when a blog devotes three separate blog posts to it). Here's some of the party details: T.I. apparently tipped his glass to incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne, while Jamie Foxx toasted T.I. and wished him a bright future. Others on hand to welcome T.I. back included Lil' Kim, Rick Ross and Amber Rose, who arrived without Kanye West.
Of course T.I. addressed the crowd, saying: "I'm so happy to be with all of you tonight. "And I cannot thank you enough for being here."

Before the big par-tay, T.I. and Tiny got their shop on Rodeo Drive. T.I. sipped champagne while they shopped. Looks like these two are inseparable these days. Cute.

Photos: Photo Agency

T.I.: I'm Back

T.I. tastes freedom in his newest video "I'm Back", off his next album "King Uncaged". The video shows T.I. rediscovering his love for fast cars, shiny jewelry and, of course, recording hits.
P.S. Why does it he burn it all down at the end? *blank stare*.

The Lady Gaga Effect

The other night model and Kayne's main squeeze, Amber Rose, hit up T.I.'s Guys and Dolls welcome back party in this ensemble. First of all, she's got the body to pull it off. But, I call it the "Lady GaGa" effect. You know damn well that it's because of Lady GaGa that the no pants movement has been resurrected. The very "beach-inspired" outfit, sun hat and all, would look even better minus the runs in the stockings. But hey, it's hard to prevent those, so we're not mad.

Photos: X17online

Preggers Or One Too Many Big Macs?

Remember when Mariah Carey first got with Nick Cannon and she was so hot everyone was like, "What's she doing with him?" Well, those days are clearly no more. Over the weekend the internet was abuzz over whether Mariah is expecting when the above photos made the blog rounds. Well, Carey's rep says the rumours about a baby are false. So it seems that Mariah has just had one three many Big Macs. Not to say she's fat, but she doesn't look healthy.