Monday, August 17, 2009

Changing Faces....

Lil Kim was in Cannes performing this weekend. And she looked pretty damn good. Her body's also been looking right since Dancing With The Stars.....

But the photos led us to think....damn Kim's look has changed a lot over the years. So, aside from it being a bit of a slow news morning, we thought we'd have a little fun and present to you....the many faces of Lil Kim! This is a SMALL sample of her looks over the years.

This last photo was taken this leads us to believe she might be stepping her face game up. Go Kim!


  1. You guys are assholes. She's just trying to find herself.

  2. I think the bigger issue here is what would cause a person to want to do this to herself? What self-esteem issues does Lil' Kim suffer from? Why isn't she happy with the complexion of her skin? Was it the industry's fault?