Monday, April 12, 2010

Drake: Over

Drake hooked up with director Anthony Mandler for his "official" visual debut (how could we forget "Best I Ever Had" though?). Either way, the concept is quite simple, Drake sits on a bed and the words in the song match the imagery either literally or metaphorically. Hm. I think I expected a bit more to be honest with you. The video is COOL but not amazing. It leans towards the artsy side of things, which a lot of artists seem to be going for these days. Do you think Drake will make an impact with the vid?
P.S. Is dude taking notes from Nicki's animated faces or is it Wheel Chair Jimmy coming out?
P.P.S. His leading lady is Roc’s newest UK chick, Rita Ora.


  1. Videos are not this guy's strong point, clearly.

  2. Wow to the person above, STFU! The only thing thats clear is that u dont know art

  3. Yeah. He does look somewhat "nervous/scared" the facials look overly forced.... i feel like he's trying to summons the spirits of Weezy/JayZ which obviously wouldn't work because their still alive...

    that weirdo hand thing he does is reminiscent of Eminem....No offense but I find Drake to be a really good impersonator. I suppose thats where his acting skills come in?

    I don't know, I give him props- but Drake is not street. He hasn't lived that lifestyle so my concern is that his career will not last very long because he wont have much to base his rhymes on. Right now he spits Diddybop shit....Will Smith jiggy shit. He's getting "Harder" but that can mostly be accredited to his studying of the street legends, Jigga Man, Nas etc etc....

    I dunno. I love Driz. He's cool. He's reppin T.O. foresee him getting ate alive after his first album drops.

    Imma pray I'm wrong, but I feel I'm right.

  4. Wow, I totally agree with the comment above. I pray that Im wrong as well cause I feel like dude could crash and burn at any moment

  5. Interesting comment 4 sure, w/ some valid points. I also think he's talented but dude was raised in Forest Hill. I'm a fan though, can't help it.

    Did anyone else notice that his Sprite commercial aired once every single commercial break during the Raptor's game this weekend?

  6. Yes! What YawnBirp said....

  7. Eh, regarding comment by Alicia.

    You know he most likely purchased that commercial time.

    Just like Belly purchased majority of his own albums and distributed them for free afterward- explains how he went Gold so quickly on his first- second jawnt? Don't quote me on which one it was.

    Believe this, we can all make it- if we have them big green faces $$.

    Really, no point in envying anyone.

    Drake, talented- yes. Can an untalented mutherfucker be just as good, for sure! Look at Souljah boy. You got the money to market yourself, you work with a few big names, you emulate them well- you pass yourself off as the next Jayz....You're selling in no time!

    Nothing is original. Big names like Badu are struggling for record sales.

  8. For the people that do not get the video, the whole thing is about his testament to shutting down the game it's gonna be over for some people but for him he is jus gettin started hence the visuals of the atomic bomb, broken glass,etc. The visuals correspond with the video so well its amazing now this is what you call a music video. For those who don't understand it im sorry you don't yu would probably understand it more if it was "illuminati" driven *rolls eyes* (wouldnt be surprised if I heard it was)

    Now on to Drake's career yu know maybe he is hyped up a little bit but its for a reason this dude is talented. For people to say he is a great impersonator lets put it in to perspective 50 cent got his name from a known stick up kid in Brooklyn fradulent maybe not but swagger jacking yu dog on right, therefore people styles will forever be emulated, impersonated, and repeated. Yea there is a lot of talk about Drake't career not lasting because he does not speak that hood shit or he is not a gangsta. Umm last time I checked Wayne wasn't either the most street cred this guy has is shooting himself.

    And what's even more funny is that they said the same shit about Kanye that his rapping career wouldn't go far because he was from the burbs. But look at him he is 3 albums in, look at Kid Cudi suburban kid as well is riding off the success of his first album. And sometimes I think people forget that Drake can sing so he has other avenues.

    Yea there may be a chance that he might fail but that's with every new artist, but if yu are gonna sit here and tell me that he isnt gonna succeed because he is not gangsta therefore he has no subject matter. I suggest yu need to take a rap history lesson and educate yourself. Rap is more than being 'gangsta' or 'being from the hood'

  9. This is some good discussion, just proves how diverse our city is in terms of opinion. The video is simple, I don't care where he was raised or his background, I'm more interested in his ability to share his story through music, and I think he has been successful in doing so for the last few years. He does not have to be gangster to be a rapper. Bottom line is this song is solid lyrically and its honest, So it has my vote, the video is interesting and different and I appreciate him trying to do something diff from the status quo... Music is to be used to push boundaries and explore, I think that this video demonstrates drakes ability to keep growing as an artist.

    Just my thoughts

    MalykaDon (twitter @MalykaDon)

  10. Do I like Drake's new video I'm not sure yet...but i know i don't dislike it...i can appreciate the angle and approach he took for the video. what other way could he have depicted the this video works, for the most part it correlates with the lyrics of the song. but really at the end of the day no matter which way you slice it Drake's videos,singles and first cd will be overly criticized because everyone expects soooo much outta this young man. He's very talented that goes without saying...but saying he isn't gonna have longevity in the music industry because isn't hood or hood enough i would have to disagree with that statement...more suburban kids buy cd's and download music for itunes more the "hood" kids so the fact that the suburban kids have someone that they can more relate to i think will work out in Drake's best interest, and also he carters to females which will also work with him because for the most part female fans will back and support their favorite artist no matter what. So with that being said the "over" video ain't bad and i think Drake has a long and successful career ahead of him. :)

  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion girl friend up top.

    And well of course it's about more than being "gangster".

    When I talk about longevity and careers, I'm talking about people like Jay Z, the Nas's the Wu Tangs, the Fat Joes, the Most Def's, Slick Rick etc etc the list goes on of Verteran MC's.

    To me, from my standpoint, those artists all have something in common, they've lived thru strife and challenges and had to DEVELOP & GROW into whom they are and the career they have/had.

    Like Jigga came from Marcy Projects and lives in the Tribeca of the financial district, NYC. Now THAT is growth. His experiences from the ground up are on wax.

    Simply what I'm saying is, in regards to Drakes career, like I said- I hope dude is successful, I mean, thats all he wants to be.

    But I will say that the Jayz's of the world could out last him (Drake) solely on the growth aspect. Shit, I mean, if we want a bunch of Kid Cudis running around, then yeah- thats where music is going to go, it already is. It's commercialized rap rhymes, there is a future in THAT aspect.

    I'm talking about REAL hip hop, real struggle, real life hardships expressed through rap music, which, is the root of hip hop.

    People confusing Rap Rhymes with the Hip Hop culture. Thats why we have the commercial music we have today, and less of the Public Enemy, NWA type groups out now- because they washed the real hip hop out for this Diddybop commercial shit.

    If artists did not need to be "street" then (for example) we wouldn't have had Biggie Smalls emulating a lifestyle his mother claims he did not lead. Why would Big do that? Because he knew that in REAL hip hop, it's about growth, about expression of emotions, truth, hardships and the street life.

    I aint knocking Drake. I pretty much love all of his music, but I can dissect his music for my own understanding, and these are my thoughts.

    Weezy is a totally different topic.

    What I'm saying is based on my knowledge of Drake as a person AND artist, not just a fan on the outside enjoying his music.


  12. Thank you all so much for this discussion! Great views and opinions. BTW, @YawnBird "I hope dude is successful, I mean, thats all he wants to be." << classic!!!! LoL. Love it.

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  14. i think Drake is a great addition to the rap game...someone that's not into all the HOOPLA of the ($$$$girls) its a refreshing point of view that is needed to be taken in.

    i can definetly appreciate this video and his music and only hope he achieves the success he deserves!