Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pinky's Thoughts on Nicki

Infamous porn star Pinky apparently has known, and been attracted to, Nicki Minaj for years (check out the pic above from a few years back before Nicki blew up). Apparently the thought of a hot chick who knew how to spit excited Pinky. LoL. In the video she talks about their first encounter:
Before I heard her rap I thought she looked good but then when I heard her rap I was like, "oh". I was really excited because you don't get normally girls that look good and can spit. It's other girls that look good don't get me wrong but to me in my opinion, she looked better than the other ones.It's ok for me to be on her di*k because I knew her before she blew up. I'm not just a Barbie fan-fanatic, I knew her before.