Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kelis Still Milking Nas

First and foremost, I never knew Little Nas had gotten so big! It's hard to tell from this image, but I say he looks more like his momma. Anyways, onto today's edition of Nas and Kelis news. TMZ has obtained legs documents in which Nas concedes that he indeed owes Kelis $300,000 in spousal support. But there's also another problem, Nas is behind on the mortgage for the home in which Kelis is living, to the tune of $52,989.22.
Nas’ lawyer has filed a payment plan with the court, in which the rapper agrees to pay $17,500 up front, and then pretty much double the $7,800 mortgage payment each month to catch up. I hate to say it but: would've been cheaper to keep her.

Photo: Splash

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  1. I think Knight was having a bad face day...eeek