Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lauryn Hill to Rock the Bells

A few weeks ago when the Rock the Bells lineup was announced, there was a lot of speculation that Lauryn Hill would be one of the performers. Sadly, she wasn't. I guess Rock the Bells either wanted to keep people hanging on or Lauryn was being noncommittal, cause it was only yesterday that the event organizers confirmed Ms. Hill as a special guest. Word is that she'll perform a set with classic Fugee and Miseducation tracks. Let's hope that this proves she is ready to get back in the game. I pray she doesn't get on that stage looking crazy. The 7th annual Rock the Bells concerts take place this summer at various locations.


  1. i really hope this comes to Canada...but looking at the performers i doubt they are even allowed in the States i go!!!! :)

  2. lauryn hill is perhaps the best female artist to grace the industry (to me she is the best)