Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foxy Brown In Court....Again...

*le sigh* After being arrested for an altercation with her neighbour (who already has an order of protection against her) and entering a non-guilty plea, Foxy Brown appeared in court once again yesterday. Well, at least she cleaned up from looking like a stinking mess the other night.
Foxy asked a Brooklyn judge for a protection order against the same neighbour who has a protection order against her. *another sigh* The judge, however, extended the protection order already in place against Foxy and told her just to walk away next time. Also, Foxy's lawyers, Bruce Barron Associates, dropped her as a client.
Her new lawyers still claim that she is the victim and her managers say that her neighbor is a stalker and Foxy is just trying to live her life.
Oh, did I mention that she showed up in a black Lamborghini? She emerged from her ride dressed in a teal dress, plunging neckline and heels. Her fans loved it, but Judge Geraldine Pickett couldn’t care less.

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